Color in the Sky

oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgLast night as I was trying to get dinner finished up and was way too distracted by Twitter conversations, the GMan bursts out with, “Look! Look! Look at the sky!” I glanced out the window and observed a fairly nice sunset in the works. On the scale of sunsets, it was probably only in the mid-range of spectacularness and breathtaking. But to our three-year-old, it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. “Look Mommy! It’s pink! The sky is pink! Look at all the colors! Oh! Look over there!” And then the best thing of all, “Who put the colors there Mommy?” Y’all, I about choked up. “God did. God put the colors there!” “He did?” “Yes, He did!”

What a grand thing to be able to tell him that.  What a precious moment to stand there with him and JBelle and DB and watch the lights fading rays turn the sky pink and purple and orange. Intangible, fleeting moments that hold so much promise and hope.

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