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Cold Fluffy White Stuff Falling From the Sky

oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgThey say it’s called snow. And they even closed school! I’m not entirely convinced but it sure has been cold all day. I’m drinking my obligatory mug of hot chocolate right now. (Yes Emily, I made it the same way you did last night!) The kids have even be out in it a few times. It’s been stopping and starting all day. Cloudy then sunshine then cloudy again.

Poor GMan, doesn’t have any gloves. (I know!) He came in with his hands all red and chapped. We snuggled up and read some books. I had removed his shoes and coat and after we finished reading, he headed downstairs to the playroom. I leaned back in the lazy boy chair and closed my eyes for a few minutes then realized it was awfully quiet down there. I went to investigate only to find him outside, barefoot(!) with no coat! Crazy kid.

JBelle has a friend over today and they’ve been in and out all afternoon. Neither of them have gloves (again, I know!) so I found some of mine and that helped. They’ve also watched High School Musical 2, played “Bloody Mary” and screamed a lot, made a makeshift basketball goal in the playroom and are currently zonked on the couch watching PBS kids.

I have blogged (over there), done laundry, cooked dinner and refereed (mainly keeping GMan out of the girls’ hair).

All in all, it’s been a good “cold fluffy white stuff” day!



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Some Link Love for My Fellow Domestic “Dieties”

oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgAbout a year ago my good friend Ivy and her good friend Heather (who, I’d say, has become a good friend to me since then) had an idea for website/blog about all the stuff that one usually learns from Home Economics classes in high school or from mothers but for some reason, has become a lost “art”. They called the site Home-Ec 101 and started by taking questions from readers and posting ideas, tips, recipes, etc that they found helpful in their own homes. Apparently, they hit on area that really was lacking in people’s lives. Their website has taken off and, a year later, they are still going strong.

To celebrate it’s “birthday”, Home-Ec 101 is having a give-away contest. All you have to do is comment over at the site and you’ll be in the drawing for some faboo prizes (I especially have my eye on that Home Depot gift card since Spring is just around the corner and it’ll soon be time to get out and about in the yard & stuff again!)

Happy Birthday Home-Ec 101!

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What Happened to the Blogroll? ~ updated!

I want to make it into a “page” instead of it being on the sidebar. But I’m trying to figure out how to easily do that without having to type out everyone’s site addresses. Stay tuned…

Update: I did it! And it was as easy as copy and paste! I’d pat myself on the back but I’m afraid I’d hurt myself in the process. ūüėČ Check out the Blogroll page!! (Or you can just click on the link up there at the top above the header, a little farther right…yeah that one, right there!) There are some new additions that I’m very excited about.


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On Being a Girl Scout Leader

oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgI both love and loathe being a Girl Scout leader. I don’t write here about those experiences because I don’t want to end up offending any parents. And really, it’s not the scouts or their parents that are my problem. It’s me. I get awfully stressed in the day(s) leading up to our meetings and outings. Being the procrastinator that I am and being responsible for planning this stuff is not a good combo. Yet, when I finally get it all done (in the last hours and minutes before the meetings) and I get in the room with those girls, I love it! I’m blessed with a really good group of girls. They’re smart and funny and creative and compassionate. Some are shy and stay quiet, some are more outgoing and in my face, a lot, but they all bring something wonderful to our little troop. So, next year, I’ll stick with it but I’m definitely going to have to be sure I solicit more help from my co-leader and parents.

Oh, I do have the best Cookie Mom ever though!


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No Words

oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgMy sister asks at her place why there hasn’t been much “coverage” about the shootings at Northern Illinois University? Specifically lacking have been blog posts. And as alumni of Virginia Tech, it may have crossed some your minds, why have we been “silent” about this?

I don’t really have an answer to that. I have no words. I have a bunch of feelings, though and yet feelings can be so hard to describe. I’m sad. I’m angry and frustrated. I hurt deeply for the NIU community because I know what they are going through. I hate that evil can take hold of someone so viciously that they would take out their anger and fear out on others and then take it out on themselves so that they don’t have to suffer the consequences of their actions. I really hate that.

As for mainstream media and other bloggers, I could speculate that since the tragedy at NIU was smaller in scale than at VT, it didn’t simply didn’t receive the same amount of attention. I could theorize that we’re becoming more jaded and “used to” this kind of thing. But I just really don’t know.

Despite all that, I’m encouraged and heartened by the outpouring of support that has come from VT to NIU. Dr Charles Steger, President of VT issued this statement on Thursday. I found (and joined) a Facebook group called “Hokies for the Huskies, Pray for Northern Illinois: We are behind you. We are here for you. We love you. Stay strong and be safe.” That is just one of many groups that has formed in support of NIU.

Though no matter what the “scale” of the tragedy, there are parents, siblings, families, friends, teachers and administrators mourning the loss of these students. There is an university community that now needs to heal. I feel certain they will prevail and come through braver and stronger on the other side.

More about memorials and support here.

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In Love

oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgI know it’s rather cliche to say that marriage has it’s ups and downs but I’ll say it anyway, “Marriage has its ups and downs.” DB and I have been married a bit over 12 1/2 years. So far, we’ve had a very good marriage. We did encounter a rough patch about six years ago that really shook us and opened our eyes to a lot of things about marriage. But I know we’re both grateful for that time in our lives since our marriage has been so much better since then. And even in the past six years we’ve hit low points and I know and expect that we will in the future as well.

But right now? Things are just so good. And I’m really trying to savor these moments of near perfect marital bliss. And just like trying to savor these young years of my children’s lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and miss what’s really going on. I want to remember, to acknowledge and preserve this season of our lives when I can say without a doubt that not only do I love my husband but that I’m in love with him.

Times like this are the times we’re gonna miss,
Yeah we’re livin’ in the good ol’ days
So come on baby, come closer and let me kiss all those blues away
‘Cause their ain’t no time for fussin’ and fightin’
when we’re livin’ in the good ol’ days
Life is lovely, then it slips away
There’s no comin’ back to where we are today
So come on baby, scoot a little closer, and let me kiss all those blues away
‘Cause their ain’t no time for fussing and fighting
now what’s the point of that anyway?

“Livin’ In The Good Ol’ Days” by Zane Williams from the Hurry Home album


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Welcome Conservative Refugees

180px-opus_blue.jpg Are you a conservative frustrated with the inevitable nomination of John McCain to the Republican ticket for the 2008 presidential election?  Are you fearful that no matter who the president, Democrat or Republican, that your taxes will go up and Federal spending will continue to spiral into the stratosphere?  Are you concerned that the U.S.A. will eventually be a socialist, nanny state if we stay on our current course?  Do you feel abandoned by the Republican Party?  If so, then the Libertarian Party cordially invites you to join us in preserving individual liberty and restoring common sense fiscal responsibility in our Federal government.

Sure, we are “too liberal” when it comes to some social matters.¬† But, we believe that those issues are best left to the individual to determine for themselves.¬† After all, who do you trust more to make decisions about your life: yourself or a government bureaucrat?¬† We believe social change best happens from an exchange of ideas¬†from individual to individual not from a government mandate.¬†

We believe that the use and power of the Federal government is best preserved for those things that are in the common good, like national defense and foreign relations and to protect individual rights, including life, liberty and property. 

We believe that the Federal government should not incur debt to pay for its services.  In 2007, $430 billion* in the Federal budget was spent just to pay the interest on the national debt that totalled $8.95 trillion**.  The debt interest payment is projected to grow to $603 billion* by 2013 on a total debt load of $12.3 trillion**.  We believe this is wrong, unsustainable, and irresponsible.  A household would quickly fold if its debt load increased by 8-10% every year.   To put it in household terms, the U.S. government household makes $50,000 per year currently has $200,000 in unsecured debt and pays $10,000 in interest on that debt.  Next year, it will make $52,500, has $220,000 in unsecured debt and pay $11,000 in interest.  How long can the U.S. government sustain that before it collapses into bankruptcy?

We believe that defense means exactly that, defense.¬† We believe in the principle of “mind your own business”, including in foreign relations.¬† We don’t want to “cut and¬†run” in Iraq or Afghanistan.¬† We believe we should never have been there in the first place.¬† The U.S.¬†government must “live at peace with all¬†[people] as far as it depends on its own actions”.¬† Preemptive attacks are immoral and should not be tolerated¬†in our own government.

We believe in the concept of “subsidiarity”, that the lowest level of government capable of handling an issue should handle it.¬† Put another way, the closer to the need that government is applied, the more effective it is.¬† Social programs, such as social security, medicare, welfare, etc. should not be a Federal budget line item, but should be left to individuals, communities,¬†and local governments to determine what works best in their own community.

We believe that America’s¬†government should truly be of, for, and by the people.¬† Conservatives, join us today in the quest to bring sanity and responsibility back to government.¬† For more information, click here.¬†¬†

*Proposed FY2009 Budget Рhistorical budget tables, Table 8.5

**Proposed FY2009 Budget Рhistorical budget tables, Table 7.1 


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Little Big Guy

The GMan took a rare nap the other day. When I peeked in on him, here’s what I found:


Asleep with his hands behind his head! ::sniff sniff:: My little guy is growing up!

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