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Welcome Conservative Refugees

180px-opus_blue.jpg Are you a conservative frustrated with the inevitable nomination of John McCain to the Republican ticket for the 2008 presidential election?  Are you fearful that no matter who the president, Democrat or Republican, that your taxes will go up and Federal spending will continue to spiral into the stratosphere?  Are you concerned that the U.S.A. will eventually be a socialist, nanny state if we stay on our current course?  Do you feel abandoned by the Republican Party?  If so, then the Libertarian Party cordially invites you to join us in preserving individual liberty and restoring common sense fiscal responsibility in our Federal government.

Sure, we are “too liberal” when it comes to some social matters.  But, we believe that those issues are best left to the individual to determine for themselves.  After all, who do you trust more to make decisions about your life: yourself or a government bureaucrat?  We believe social change best happens from an exchange of ideas from individual to individual not from a government mandate. 

We believe that the use and power of the Federal government is best preserved for those things that are in the common good, like national defense and foreign relations and to protect individual rights, including life, liberty and property. 

We believe that the Federal government should not incur debt to pay for its services.  In 2007, $430 billion* in the Federal budget was spent just to pay the interest on the national debt that totalled $8.95 trillion**.  The debt interest payment is projected to grow to $603 billion* by 2013 on a total debt load of $12.3 trillion**.  We believe this is wrong, unsustainable, and irresponsible.  A household would quickly fold if its debt load increased by 8-10% every year.   To put it in household terms, the U.S. government household makes $50,000 per year currently has $200,000 in unsecured debt and pays $10,000 in interest on that debt.  Next year, it will make $52,500, has $220,000 in unsecured debt and pay $11,000 in interest.  How long can the U.S. government sustain that before it collapses into bankruptcy?

We believe that defense means exactly that, defense.  We believe in the principle of “mind your own business”, including in foreign relations.  We don’t want to “cut and run” in Iraq or Afghanistan.  We believe we should never have been there in the first place.  The U.S. government must “live at peace with all [people] as far as it depends on its own actions”.  Preemptive attacks are immoral and should not be tolerated in our own government.

We believe in the concept of “subsidiarity”, that the lowest level of government capable of handling an issue should handle it.  Put another way, the closer to the need that government is applied, the more effective it is.  Social programs, such as social security, medicare, welfare, etc. should not be a Federal budget line item, but should be left to individuals, communities, and local governments to determine what works best in their own community.

We believe that America’s government should truly be of, for, and by the people.  Conservatives, join us today in the quest to bring sanity and responsibility back to government.  For more information, click here.  

*Proposed FY2009 Budget – historical budget tables, Table 8.5

**Proposed FY2009 Budget – historical budget tables, Table 7.1 


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