In Love

oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgI know it’s rather cliche to say that marriage has it’s ups and downs but I’ll say it anyway, “Marriage has its ups and downs.” DB and I have been married a bit over 12 1/2 years. So far, we’ve had a very good marriage. We did encounter a rough patch about six years ago that really shook us and opened our eyes to a lot of things about marriage. But I know we’re both grateful for that time in our lives since our marriage has been so much better since then. And even in the past six years we’ve hit low points and I know and expect that we will in the future as well.

But right now? Things are just so good. And I’m really trying to savor these moments of near perfect marital bliss. And just like trying to savor these young years of my children’s lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and miss what’s really going on. I want to remember, to acknowledge and preserve this season of our lives when I can say without a doubt that not only do I love my husband but that I’m in love with him.

Times like this are the times we’re gonna miss,
Yeah we’re livin’ in the good ol’ days
So come on baby, come closer and let me kiss all those blues away
‘Cause their ain’t no time for fussin’ and fightin’
when we’re livin’ in the good ol’ days
Life is lovely, then it slips away
There’s no comin’ back to where we are today
So come on baby, scoot a little closer, and let me kiss all those blues away
‘Cause their ain’t no time for fussing and fighting
now what’s the point of that anyway?

“Livin’ In The Good Ol’ Days” by Zane Williams from the Hurry Home album


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2 responses to “In Love

  1. Okay, just go and make me tear up, why don’t you?
    Lovely. Absolutely lovely.
    He’s a very lucky man and you are a very lucky woman.

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