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On Being a Girl Scout Leader

oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgI both love and loathe being a Girl Scout leader. I don’t write here about those experiences because I don’t want to end up offending any parents. And really, it’s not the scouts or their parents that are my problem. It’s me. I get awfully stressed in the day(s) leading up to our meetings and outings. Being the procrastinator that I am and being responsible for planning this stuff is not a good combo. Yet, when I finally get it all done (in the last hours and minutes before the meetings) and I get in the room with those girls, I love it! I’m blessed with a really good group of girls. They’re smart and funny and creative and compassionate. Some are shy and stay quiet, some are more outgoing and in my face, a lot, but they all bring something wonderful to our little troop. So, next year, I’ll stick with it but I’m definitely going to have to be sure I solicit more help from my co-leader and parents.

Oh, I do have the best Cookie Mom ever though!


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