On Being a Girl Scout Leader

oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgI both love and loathe being a Girl Scout leader. I don’t write here about those experiences because I don’t want to end up offending any parents. And really, it’s not the scouts or their parents that are my problem. It’s me. I get awfully stressed in the day(s) leading up to our meetings and outings. Being the procrastinator that I am and being responsible for planning this stuff is not a good combo. Yet, when I finally get it all done (in the last hours and minutes before the meetings) and I get in the room with those girls, I love it! I’m blessed with a really good group of girls. They’re smart and funny and creative and compassionate. Some are shy and stay quiet, some are more outgoing and in my face, a lot, but they all bring something wonderful to our little troop. So, next year, I’ll stick with it but I’m definitely going to have to be sure I solicit more help from my co-leader and parents.

Oh, I do have the best Cookie Mom ever though!


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3 responses to “On Being a Girl Scout Leader

  1. I’m like that sometimes, too. Dreading a commitment. Wishing I didn’t make it. And then having the best. time. evah.

  2. I heart girl scout leaders if for no other reason than because they make cookie sales happen. Mmmm…GS cookies. *drool*

  3. Amy

    I am also a girl Scout Leader. I love it!!! I love seeing the girls faces and watching there reaction when they are doing something that they like. Some of my girls are from poor families and this is the only extra activity that they get to do. But it can get overwelming at times. I should depend on my co-leader and parents more then I do now. Keep doing it. Its the best thing that anyone could do for there community.

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