What Happened to the Blogroll? ~ updated!

I want to make it into a “page” instead of it being on the sidebar. But I’m trying to figure out how to easily do that without having to type out everyone’s site addresses. Stay tuned…

Update: I did it! And it was as easy as copy and paste! I’d pat myself on the back but I’m afraid I’d hurt myself in the process. 😉 Check out the Blogroll page!! (Or you can just click on the link up there at the top above the header, a little farther right…yeah that one, right there!) There are some new additions that I’m very excited about.


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9 responses to “What Happened to the Blogroll? ~ updated!

  1. When you figure this out, can you let me know how to do it? 🙂

  2. At the risk of asking the dumbest question ever, can’t you just cut and paste? By the way, I love that idea of making the blogroll a page.

  3. Amy

    I could never figure this out. I had to type them in. And now it hasn’t been updated in forever!

    It was good to meet you last night!

  4. Great idea…good luck with that!

  5. Write a tutorial on how to do it so we can all have blogroll pages and unclutter our sidebars. PLEASE!

  6. Malia

    Well…it was embarrassingly simply. I don’t know what blogging platform you use but in WordPress, I simply put the blogroll back into the sidebar (which I had previously removed), highlighted the links, and hit CTRL-C to copy. Then I opened my “Write” screen, selected “Page” and hit CTRL-V to paste into the body of the page. Voila! It was formatted correctly and everything! Then I just went in and sandwiched some new links in between the existing ones. (Oh and then I went back and once again removed the blogroll from the sidebar, natch!)

  7. Thank you. I did the same thing.
    You are awesome!

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