Some Link Love for My Fellow Domestic “Dieties”

oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgAbout a year ago my good friend Ivy and her good friend Heather (who, I’d say, has become a good friend to me since then) had an idea for website/blog about all the stuff that one usually learns from Home Economics classes in high school or from mothers but for some reason, has become a lost “art”. They called the site Home-Ec 101 and started by taking questions from readers and posting ideas, tips, recipes, etc that they found helpful in their own homes. Apparently, they hit on area that really was lacking in people’s lives. Their website has taken off and, a year later, they are still going strong.

To celebrate it’s “birthday”, Home-Ec 101 is having a give-away contest. All you have to do is comment over at the site and you’ll be in the drawing for some faboo prizes (I especially have my eye on that Home Depot gift card since Spring is just around the corner and it’ll soon be time to get out and about in the yard & stuff again!)

Happy Birthday Home-Ec 101!

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