Cold Fluffy White Stuff Falling From the Sky

oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgThey say it’s called snow. And they even closed school! I’m not entirely convinced but it sure has been cold all day. I’m drinking my obligatory mug of hot chocolate right now. (Yes Emily, I made it the same way you did last night!) The kids have even be out in it a few times. It’s been stopping and starting all day. Cloudy then sunshine then cloudy again.

Poor GMan, doesn’t have any gloves. (I know!) He came in with his hands all red and chapped. We snuggled up and read some books. I had removed his shoes and coat and after we finished reading, he headed downstairs to the playroom. I leaned back in the lazy boy chair and closed my eyes for a few minutes then realized it was awfully quiet down there. I went to investigate only to find him outside, barefoot(!) with no coat! Crazy kid.

JBelle has a friend over today and they’ve been in and out all afternoon. Neither of them have gloves (again, I know!) so I found some of mine and that helped. They’ve also watched High School Musical 2, played “Bloody Mary” and screamed a lot, made a makeshift basketball goal in the playroom and are currently zonked on the couch watching PBS kids.

I have blogged (over there), done laundry, cooked dinner and refereed (mainly keeping GMan out of the girls’ hair).

All in all, it’s been a good “cold fluffy white stuff” day!



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3 responses to “Cold Fluffy White Stuff Falling From the Sky

  1. Sheryl

    wish we could get some “cold fluffy white stuff” over here. to get close to any snow around these parts, we have to go up the hill about an hour. some of the mountain areas has something that resembles ‘cold fluffy white stuff’ but it’s more “cold,dark,slushy stuff.”
    glad you had a good day with the kids.
    Love & Miss you!!

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  3. It looks like the girls had a great day! And poor little GMan heading out barefoot and gloveless! Hee!

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