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oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgSo I’ve been puttering around here waiting for inspiration to hit so that I’d have something interesting to write. And I decided that I’m tired of waiting. The analogy of a million billion* monkeys in a room typing away at typewriters, the odds are one of them will write something from Hemingway** kind of came to mind as I pondered this quandary. At the risk of messing this up by admitting it out loud, I’ve decided to challenge myself to write something everyday for a month. (Should of thought of this in February!) I figure in thirty days of writing, something worthy is bound to come out. Yes, the narcissism of that statement is not lost on me. But this is a blog, they are narcissistic by their very nature!

Something else…

I don’t want to have any more babies but I want this bag! I think I could find plenty of other uses for it besides diapers and bottles or a laptop computer. It’s seriously stylish and heaven knows I could use some help in the style department! I also want this purse! (A-hem…Mother’s Day is coming up soon…)

Something something else…

We’re just now watching Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica. It took forever for them to release it on DVD. I was going to get it on Netflix but there is a “really long wait” (their term!) for the first disc. So, I did something rather uncharacteristic and bought the set at Target one night. We’re already 2/3 of the way through the series, since we just can’t watch one episode! Of course, we’ll get through Season 3 and “Razor” (the movie that came out between S3 & S4) only to have to wait at least a year, most likely more for Season 4 to come out on DVD! That being said, I’m pretty pleased with season overall. It’s been a bit soap opera-y is several episodes but all in all, I think the story is moving on fairly well. I do have some questions about where the writers are really going with it. Especially since, it seems to me that is, the only way to truly end it is to obliterate the Cylons but there seems to be disagreement among the characters over to whether or not that is an acceptable result of war (i.e. it would be “genocide”).  Anyway, it’s my current obsession (that and Cash Cow on Webkinz World!) so I just had to share!

*Or some large number like that.
**Why does it have to be Hemingway? Why not King or Austen or those guys who wrote the “Left Behind” series? ::shudders::

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Easter “Lite”

oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgBack in December, our worship minister resigned to pursue other opportunities. He had a bunch of responsibilities in his worship ministry role including Christmas and Easter plays/concerts/productions. His resignation came after the Christmas concert was finished and it didn’t really hit me how much he set the tone for these two holidays until we got to Easter. There was no play/concert/production. There was no special chorus group for Sunday morning’s worship time. The cross that is always used at this time of year did not get set out and draped with a purple sash. And to be quite honest, yesterday felt kind of, well, bland. (I’m not at all disparaging what anyone did for yesterday’s service, just making an observation.)

And I’m not really sure how I feel about that. I know it shouldn’t take the charisma and talents of a worship minister for me to feel excited and joyous about our risen Savior on Easter (or any other Sunday for that matter). But on the other hand, I really missed that aspect of Easter Sunday this year.


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Is that Global Warming in your pocket or…

180px-opus_blue.jpgI am watching the local news this morning.  The news crawler at the bottom of the screen states, “this has been the coldest winter in the United States since 2001 according to scientists at the national climactic data center”.  Then that is followed by, “it is also the 54th coldest winter in the United States since national records began in 1895”.

I guess global warming is off.  Nothing like some statistics to show something is completely wrong.  I mean seriously, it was the 54th coldest winter out of the last 113 winters.  If that doesn’t show conclusively that global warming is false, I don’t know what does.  Stop recycling, start burning coal in the streets to keep warm.  Now I don’t have to feel guilty for eating beef…let those cows flatulate. 

What?  What did you say?  Did you say this winter was also the 59th warmest since record keeping started in 1895?  Oh noes!!  Leave the coastline now!!!  You are all going to be flooded!!  Kiss that snow goodbye you’re never going to see it again!  Gloom, despair, agony!

Seriously, why is this news?  So this winter was just about near the median average over the last 113 years (which would be the 56th and 57th years for those less math inclined).  Woopy.  Sound the alarms.  

This is where modern politics and I can’t be on the same bus.  I don’t understand why people get hysterical over very short-term temporal data.  The economy, the weather, gas prices, whatever the latest argument is over anything.  Everyone (perhaps it is just the media) seems so short-sighted with their microwave popcorn minds hopping to whichever topic burns their retinas next.  That mindset frustrates me, but I am too easily embroiled in it if I allow it.

Our Saucer Magnolia is in bloom.  It is gorgeous with its pink and white flowers.  However, it is very fragile and fleeting.  Just about anything rips those blooms off the tree: a stiff breeze, heavy rain, one freezing night turns them brown and they fall off.  This is probably only the second year out of six that we have had any significant blooming and even now I am expecting that the blooms will be gone in a week.  I am trying to soak up every minute of the beauty of this time because I know it is short.

I can’t help but be reminded that life is like that.  That we are withering grass, here for a short time and then gone with the wind.  I hope I can always remember that: to hold on to what matters most no matter the circumstances, to enjoy today for its own beauty, to not worry about what is down this twisty road called life and enjoy the view for what it is.


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oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgI so wish I could get my writing groove back. Once upon time, I could easily post everyday. There was so much in my brain that I wanted to say and share. In some ways, I’ve become overly analytical of my writing and I end up scrapping posts I’ve written or started because I overthink what I’ve said and decide it’s not worth sharing. Plus, a lot of what’s going on in my head right now just isn’t bloggable. I love being able to share my life with you but we all know that there are things that just can’t be said in this format.

There’s been a lot of stress in our house lately. It’s nothing alarming, just the daily grind. Spring Break is coming up and I’m looking forward to doing some relaxing. Maybe that will help the creativity flow!


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Quote of the Evening


“Some relationships were just meant to stay online”

So true.

But these are not. I’ve met twice now with some terribly funny, smart, beautiful and amazing bloggers. Most of them were “new to me“. All of them I was immediately drawn to. And every time I meet a new blogger, this city opens up for me a little bit more.

Thanks for the fun dinner ladies!


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The Big One

oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgI think I’ve lived in Nashville long enough now that I’ve got it about figured out. Nashville gets a good (well, decent at least) snow about once every five years. And Nashville’s weather is best described as a clock that’s five minutes behind. We get real summer weather just as summer should be winding down. We get real fall weather just as we’re gearing up for Thanksgiving and we get real winter weather one week before Spring Break. Go figure.

We were supposed to have a Brownie meeting Saturday. The fabulous BadBadIvy had agreed to come over and teach my Brownies how to crochet. By Friday morning, the weather peeps were saying we’d get 3-5 inches of snow. Ivy and I decided to wait and see what happened before determining whether or not to call off the meeting. Well, we got the snow that was forecasted but the roads really weren’t bad enough to call off the meeting. Yet, we still felt that seven & eight year olds would much rather play in the snow, that we only get once every five years, than come to my house and make granny squares. That clinched it, the meeting was called off.

Instead, we headed over to DB’s parent’s house to take advantage of the sleds and the “hill” in their yard. That was fun. JBelle did some sledding. GMan shoveled snow. We made snow people with Nana and threw snowballs at Pop. Then we went inside and ate chili and hung out with them.

Also this weekend was the Spring/Summer consignment sale at our church. I’ve been wanting to start getting rid of some toys, little by little, that the kids don’t really play with much. I told JBelle that whatever she submitted to the consignment sale that sold, I would give her the money it made. That was motivator! She came up with a few items and I put a few items in that she wouldn’t have chosen herself but that I knew really needed to go! She was rather excited when we went back to the building today to pick-up what hadn’t sold and to get my check. I went through my cards (they clip off the “price tag” that the consignor puts on the their items and then the consignor gets all the “price tags” back at the end of the sale) and pulled out the ones that were from her items. I gave them to her to total up (there were four cards total and my little smartypants did the math in her head!) $15! She was so pleased and thrilled. She couldn’t believe that she got $15. (I went ahead and gave her $15 out of my purse for her items.) I also did rather well myself. I made the most money at a consignment sale that I’ve ever made. It helped that I sold off the last of the “baby gear” plus several clothes and toys. I had only about 10-12 items left at pick-up today.

It’s also good that I spent less than I made! That doesn’t always happen! But I got several clothing items for both kids and let them each pick-out one toy. (A beanie baby for JBelle & a play shopping cart for GMan.) Also found some books, tapes, and a pair of shoes for each of them. The best part was the Easter dress that JBelle picked out for herself that was only $5! It’s really pretty and it’s one that I would have picked out for her. But I’m glad that she picked it out herself since lately she’s become rather picky about her clothes. (Already? I know!)

OK, I’m totally rambling now. I should wrap this up. I posted pictures to Flickr of the “Big Snow” but since they’re of the kids they’re marked Friends & Family only. Sorry. But here’s my favorite from yesterday:


And here’s one of the snow people:



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Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgSunday morning in Bible class, our teacher wrote an algebraic equation on the board to illustrate a point he wanted to make about studying the Bible. DB and I have been attending a class that is comprised mostly of a more “mature” demographic. The first few murmurs upon seeing the equation were of the, “I can’t remember how to do that!” kind. Then from somewhere in the back of the room I heard someone call out, “45!” (Which, by the way, was the correct answer!) So, our teacher says, “how do we solve this equation?” There are some teachers and nerds smart people, like DB, in the group who knew that you use “order of operations” also known as PEMDAS = Parenthesis Exponent Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction or the way it’s taught in schools (like the way they teach the music scale), “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally”.

What was interesting to me, (and this is one of the annoying autobiographical pauses as Newscoma is found of saying) was that even though for the life of me I couldn’t remember “order of operations” or “PEMDAS” or even “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally”, my brain immediately started solving the parenthesis first, then the exponents, then the multiplication, etc. All those years of algebra from middle school on up actually stuck somewhere in my head even though it’s been at least 12+ years since I used those methods! Of course, once I had solved all the knowns on either side of the equation, I still had unknown “X” and at that point, I couldn’t exactly remember what I was supposed to do. DB explained it and it all came back to me again. Kind of like riding a bike, or roller skating…

I took JBelle rolling skating last week and that time, I rented skates and took a shot at it. I only fell twice! It’s been at least 20 years since I was on skates…

It also made me think that of how when we study the Bible and learn scriptures and teach Bible stories to our kids, it becomes ingrained in us and part of lives, thinking, decision making and problem solving. Proverbs 4:20-22 says, “My child, pay attention to what I say. Listen carefully to my words. Don’t lose sight of them. Let them penetrate deep into your heart, for they bring life to those who find them, and healing to their whole body.”

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From Yesterday’s Mail…

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to accept your child in the Really Hard to Get Into Preschool & Kindergarten*. GMan has been placed in the 4’s class that meets twice a week. Proof of a physical and up to date immunizations is required for all new students. …

We’re excited to welcome your child to Really Hard to Get Into. Our reason-for-being is to serve the children and their families so please feel free to call whenever we can be helpful to you.

Tuition is higher than when your daughter went to school here and is paid on the first of every month. So start planning now. …

Thank you for placing your confidence in our program by enrolling your child. We pray that we may be truly worthy of that trust. You will receive a letter around the middle of August with the exact dates of beginning activities for the fall.


The Best Preschool & Kindergarten Director Ever**

*We’re not bragging by calling it that, it’s just the truth. This is our church’s preschool program and even members have a hard time getting in. If you didn’t read the previous post about this, go read and you’ll understand!
**She would never call herself that, but it’s how she’s known around here!


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Snippets from our week

GMan from the backseat:

“Calm down!”

“Who needs to calm down sweetie?” I ask.

“My tummy is being frustrating and I’m telling it to calm down!”

Apparently a good tummy scolding is much more effective than Pepto.


JBelle to her father:

“I want Clinton to win…wait, no I want Obama to win!”

“Why’s that?” he asks.

“Because I want to be the first girl president!”

You go girl!


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