From Yesterday’s Mail…

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to accept your child in the Really Hard to Get Into Preschool & Kindergarten*. GMan has been placed in the 4’s class that meets twice a week. Proof of a physical and up to date immunizations is required for all new students. …

We’re excited to welcome your child to Really Hard to Get Into. Our reason-for-being is to serve the children and their families so please feel free to call whenever we can be helpful to you.

Tuition is higher than when your daughter went to school here and is paid on the first of every month. So start planning now. …

Thank you for placing your confidence in our program by enrolling your child. We pray that we may be truly worthy of that trust. You will receive a letter around the middle of August with the exact dates of beginning activities for the fall.


The Best Preschool & Kindergarten Director Ever**

*We’re not bragging by calling it that, it’s just the truth. This is our church’s preschool program and even members have a hard time getting in. If you didn’t read the previous post about this, go read and you’ll understand!
**She would never call herself that, but it’s how she’s known around here!


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4 responses to “From Yesterday’s Mail…

  1. Hooray! I’m hoping to hear similar news a couple weeks from now.

  2. Elizabeth

    I laughed out loud at the “tuition is higher than when your daughter went to school here” comment. Too funny!!

  3. Congrats! Yea for GMan!

    The tuition ALWAYS goes up, doesn’t it? Sigh…

  4. gavoweb

    having worked with many of the childcare programs in nashville i’d be interested to know what “really hard to get into preschool & kindergarten” is.

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