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The Big One

oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgI think I’ve lived in Nashville long enough now that I’ve got it about figured out. Nashville gets a good (well, decent at least) snow about once every five years. And Nashville’s weather is best described as a clock that’s five minutes behind. We get real summer weather just as summer should be winding down. We get real fall weather just as we’re gearing up for Thanksgiving and we get real winter weather one week before Spring Break. Go figure.

We were supposed to have a Brownie meeting Saturday. The fabulous BadBadIvy had agreed to come over and teach my Brownies how to crochet. By Friday morning, the weather peeps were saying we’d get 3-5 inches of snow. Ivy and I decided to wait and see what happened before determining whether or not to call off the meeting. Well, we got the snow that was forecasted but the roads really weren’t bad enough to call off the meeting. Yet, we still felt that seven & eight year olds would much rather play in the snow, that we only get once every five years, than come to my house and make granny squares. That clinched it, the meeting was called off.

Instead, we headed over to DB’s parent’s house to take advantage of the sleds and the “hill” in their yard. That was fun. JBelle did some sledding. GMan shoveled snow. We made snow people with Nana and threw snowballs at Pop. Then we went inside and ate chili and hung out with them.

Also this weekend was the Spring/Summer consignment sale at our church. I’ve been wanting to start getting rid of some toys, little by little, that the kids don’t really play with much. I told JBelle that whatever she submitted to the consignment sale that sold, I would give her the money it made. That was motivator! She came up with a few items and I put a few items in that she wouldn’t have chosen herself but that I knew really needed to go! She was rather excited when we went back to the building today to pick-up what hadn’t sold and to get my check. I went through my cards (they clip off the “price tag” that the consignor puts on the their items and then the consignor gets all the “price tags” back at the end of the sale) and pulled out the ones that were from her items. I gave them to her to total up (there were four cards total and my little smartypants did the math in her head!) $15! She was so pleased and thrilled. She couldn’t believe that she got $15. (I went ahead and gave her $15 out of my purse for her items.) I also did rather well myself. I made the most money at a consignment sale that I’ve ever made. It helped that I sold off the last of the “baby gear” plus several clothes and toys. I had only about 10-12 items left at pick-up today.

It’s also good that I spent less than I made! That doesn’t always happen! But I got several clothing items for both kids and let them each pick-out one toy. (A beanie baby for JBelle & a play shopping cart for GMan.) Also found some books, tapes, and a pair of shoes for each of them. The best part was the Easter dress that JBelle picked out for herself that was only $5! It’s really pretty and it’s one that I would have picked out for her. But I’m glad that she picked it out herself since lately she’s become rather picky about her clothes. (Already? I know!)

OK, I’m totally rambling now. I should wrap this up. I posted pictures to Flickr of the “Big Snow” but since they’re of the kids they’re marked Friends & Family only. Sorry. But here’s my favorite from yesterday:


And here’s one of the snow people:



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