oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgSo I’ve been puttering around here waiting for inspiration to hit so that I’d have something interesting to write. And I decided that I’m tired of waiting. The analogy of a million billion* monkeys in a room typing away at typewriters, the odds are one of them will write something from Hemingway** kind of came to mind as I pondered this quandary. At the risk of messing this up by admitting it out loud, I’ve decided to challenge myself to write something everyday for a month. (Should of thought of this in February!) I figure in thirty days of writing, something worthy is bound to come out. Yes, the narcissism of that statement is not lost on me. But this is a blog, they are narcissistic by their very nature!

Something else…

I don’t want to have any more babies but I want this bag! I think I could find plenty of other uses for it besides diapers and bottles or a laptop computer. It’s seriously stylish and heaven knows I could use some help in the style department! I also want this purse! (A-hem…Mother’s Day is coming up soon…)

Something something else…

We’re just now watching Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica. It took forever for them to release it on DVD. I was going to get it on Netflix but there is a “really long wait” (their term!) for the first disc. So, I did something rather uncharacteristic and bought the set at Target one night. We’re already 2/3 of the way through the series, since we just can’t watch one episode! Of course, we’ll get through Season 3 and “Razor” (the movie that came out between S3 & S4) only to have to wait at least a year, most likely more for Season 4 to come out on DVD! That being said, I’m pretty pleased with season overall. It’s been a bit soap opera-y is several episodes but all in all, I think the story is moving on fairly well. I do have some questions about where the writers are really going with it. Especially since, it seems to me that is, the only way to truly end it is to obliterate the Cylons but there seems to be disagreement among the characters over to whether or not that is an acceptable result of war (i.e. it would be “genocide”).  Anyway, it’s my current obsession (that and Cash Cow on Webkinz World!) so I just had to share!

*Or some large number like that.
**Why does it have to be Hemingway? Why not King or Austen or those guys who wrote the “Left Behind” series? ::shudders::

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