Weirdest Thing I Ever Did

oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgOK, maybe it’s not the weirdest but you know, a girl’s gotta have some secrets! Can’t be telling all before the tell-all book comes out, right? Anyway, I digress. I don’t remember why this memory came to me the other day. Maybe it’s because I’ve recently re-connected with a couple of people from high school. But, I was thinking about high school and who my friends were and about how much changed for me between my freshman and senior years.

A bit of background first. We moved to Virginia from Texas the summer after my seventh grade year. The first year we lived in Virginia we were in a rental house in Centreville. I went to Rocky Run Intermediate with this girl and that started a long and beautiful friendship. But again, I digress. Between eighth and ninth grade, we moved into a house in Manassas, so once again I was attending a new school. (If we back up even further, I’ll tell you that from first through sixth grade I attended Abilene Christian Elementary School in Abilene, Texas then had to switch schools before seventh grade and go to Franklin Middle School for a year. When I entered high school, that was the third new school in as many years. If we back up even further, I could tell you how I attended three Kindergartens in one year. But that would just be pushing it, right?)

Where was I? Oh, yeah. High school. High school started in the fall of 1988 at Stonewall Jackson Senior High School. And I knew exactly two people. From church. (I met DB later that fall but that’s another story.) Little by little I started making friends but unfortunately, they were not the kind of friends I should have been making. In particular were two sisters. Well, technically, they were step-sisters. One’s dad had married the other’s mom and they were all living “happily” in an apartment in town. They were nice girls caught up in a not so nice situation. And they were nice to me which, when you’re desperate for friends you latch onto rather quickly. I hung out with them as much as I could, spent the night, etc. One day, I was bored and wanted to hang with my friends. The exact details of where I was when I decided to go to their apartment are lost to me now but I think I must have stayed after school for something and then walked to the apartment from school.

If you’re still with me and still interested, the rest of the story is after the jump…

When I arrived I knocked on the door but there was no answer. However, I was not going to be dissuaded. I had, afterall, come all that way to hang out, I was going to hang out! So, I tried the door. It was unlocked and I let myself in. I didn’t see anyone in the living room or kitchen so I headed to the bedroom the sisters’ shared. I saw that they indeed were not home and was about to head back out when I heard a door open down the hall. I panicked and ducked into the closet! Their mom/stepmom was home! Did she head to the kitchen to get a drink or snack? No. Did she head to the living room to watch Springer or a soap opera? No. She came into the sisters’ bedroom! She poked around a bit in their stuff then came and stood in front of the dresser, right by the closet, right next to where I was hiding! I’m telling you, I barely even breathed. I have no idea what I would have done had she decided to look in the closet. But fortunately, she satisfied whatever curiosity she had about the girls’ room and left without turning towards the closet.

The details of what happened after she left are fuzzy. I think I must have waited a several seconds and made sure she had gone back to her bedroom, then hightailed it out of there! And to this day, I’m not sure how I made it back home.

And maybe the title of this post should have been the lamest thing I’ve ever done!



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3 responses to “Weirdest Thing I Ever Did

  1. LOL definitely goes in the odd column!

  2. I think I would have probably left a puddle in the closet, it would have scared me so bad!

  3. That’s so funny! Btw, I didn’t realize you & Tanya knew each other in middle school! I still smile about all the small little connections you & I have. I love living in “a small world.” 🙂

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