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Turbo Strap

oc-christmas-025_crop2.jpgLast summer my mom bought the GMan a pair of Crocs. They quickly became his shoe of choice (mine as well) because he could put them on all by himself and we all know how important that can be during toddlerhood! He wore them through the summer and into the fall and winter (with socks when the weather was colder). Then one day while playing outside the heel strap of one shoe tore free from its tab. They didn’t appear to be fixable but I set them aside, since they still fit, and hoped that I could figure something out for him to still be able to wear them.

A few weeks ago while we were visiting my parents over Spring Break, we came by the same kiosk in the mall where we had originally purchased his pair of Crocs. I was poking around, not really wanting to purchase another pair when I knew the pair he had still fit. I inquired about the possibility of fixing the strap, whether or not any known adhesives could patch them up or not. Unfortunately, the sales people weren’t well versed in what to do about a broken strap. (They’d probably been trained to convince the customer to buy another pair!) But sitting on the kiosk right next to the cash register was a small display of what were called “turbo straps”. I asked about them, what they were and what they were used for. Again, the sales people were not terribly knowledgeable about their product. The best answer I got was that the “turbo straps” were for people who had purchased a Croc style that didn’t come with a heel strap. (um, OK?) So, I figured if that was the case then surely they could be used to replace broken straps. I picked out a set of “turbo straps” and when we got back home, I removed the heel straps from his Crocs and put the “turbo straps” on in their place. And…voilà! It worked!

turbo-strap.jpgI was searching for the “turbo straps” online today because I wanted to know where I could find them again. David has a broken heel strap and I have a pair of Crocs, too. (No broken straps yet for me.) I found them here and low and behold they are listed as, “High Performance Replacement Strap”!!

If by chance any Crocs executives are reading this post, you might want to think about training your employees better! I get that a $30 pair of Crocs brings in a higher profit and commission than a $7 turbo strap but being truthful and well educated about your product will bring customers back to your stores to purchase more of said product.


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