Songwriters’ Kids

Overhead in the locker room at the YMCA today:

“I so want this job. I need money!” she said “I can’t keep asking my parents for money. My dad hasn’t had any gigs in awhile. Everyone’s off payroll until, like, April 19th”

“I know what you mean” her friend replied. “Hey, how many songs has your dad written?”

“Oh, maybe 300 or so.”

“He still get like, checks, for them right?”

“I dunno. I guess so.”

“My dad hasn’t had a song recorded in awhile. But he did win a Dove Award a few years ago.”

“For what song?”

“I dunno.”

“Have you ever held a Dove or a Grammy? They’re so heavy!”

“Um, yeah. Haven’t you ever been to my house?”

Well…living in Music City certainly does have its perks! I get a workout and secret peaks into the lives of songwriters!

(And before you start asking, I don’t know who their fathers are. I have my suspicions about one from something else one of the girls said but I’m not completely sure.)

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