The Moat Trolls

my faceEvery house has them you know. I would suspect that most houses have at least two and depending on your preferences you probably have several of them. They’re small and bumpy and usually not terribly colorful though some are known to sport the occasional red or green or blue bump. They like to hide, mostly between seat cushions but have also been spotted under furniture, in cabinets, on the bathroom counter and even in the refrigerator. They have a very specific function and really can not be used for anything else though I dare you to try explaining that to a three year old! When they do their jobs correctly, we ignore them. We don’t thank them or give them raises or comp time. When they get lax, which they claim is due to an insufficient power source, we curse them, throw them and hit them against our palms or legs. And yet they are as loyal as dogs and keep on keepin’ on. Due to our constant use and, ahem, abuse of them, they often break, especially in one vital area. But no worries! That’s why we have tape!

So? Have you figured it out? How many moat trolls live in your house?

Since I started blogging when the GMan was still a baby, I’ve done a better job of “writing down” some his funnier moments, milestones and things he says. His baby book, on the other hand, is pathetic compared to his big sister’s. The other night, JBelle asked us what her first word was. Honestly, I couldn’t quite remember so we pulled out her baby book. On the A Record of Firsts page there’s the Words line; I wrote, “Pop, Ball (‘Bah’), and of course Dada and Mama”. In the Your Seventh Month area I have written, “saying da-da & ba-ba, sometimes ma-ma”. But as I perused the rest of her baby book, I saw that I hadn’t written anywhere some of the quirky things she said. I’ve been trying to remember some of them so that I “write them down” and hopefully have a more lasting memory of her earlier days.

JBelle was an early talker. At six to seven months she was showing definite signs of wanting to communicate verbally. And pretty much once she mastered one word she’d move on to another. At age one she had a pretty impressive vocabulary. Sometime during her second year is when we discovered the “moat trolls”. We had acquired a dish broadcasting system and between it and the television and the stereo system, we had quite the collection of remote controls. Always wanting to be a helper, JBelle eagerly sought and handed remote controls to us when asked. One day we noticed that she called them, “moat trolls”. That has pretty much stuck in our family vernacular ever since!



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5 responses to “The Moat Trolls

  1. remote controls? I am guessing that “moat trolls” is 3 yr. old speak! 🙂

  2. tom

    Really cool. I didn’t figure it out till you did the “reveal”. It’s really cute.


  3. you should know I take full credit for this. I was teaching her about the remote control and she pronounced it ‘moat-tro’… it was so cute that from then on I just encouraged it by also referring to it as the moat-tro.

  4. Malia

    I’d forgotten that! Thank you for reminding me. It was during the time you lived with us you moved here.

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