Blue Screen of Death

my faceMy computer got the dreaded blue screen last night. We tried several reboots and other maintenance type “tricks” but nothing worked to get it back. We took it to be repaired today and it’s the hard drive. They’re going to replace it and they said they would try to recover data from my old hard drive but they couldn’t promise anything. All my pictures are on that hard drive so I’m pretty upset right now and hoping, really hoping that they can recover the data. ::sigh::

I’m using DB’s computer when I can to check e-mail and other stuff. The posting may be light until I get my computer back and online again.

I’m feeling a lot better from my illness last week, though for the first time in my life I’m not “bouncing back” like I once did. It’s frustrating and humbling but I’m trying to be patient.


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6 responses to “Blue Screen of Death

  1. awww! I am so sorry, I hope they can get the pictures back for you. I also hope you bounce back soon. No fun being sick! Blessings!

  2. jag

    Don’t forget Blonde Mom’s hubby – he’s a miracle worker when it comes to computers.

    I bought a 500 gig external hard drive last year – now I’m not only paranoid about losing the pictures off my computer, but that the HD will also crash. I think I need a second one for backup for my backup. I hope they’re able to recover your data.

  3. at least you have the “good stuff” posted on flickr… you can always right click on them from the internet and resave them to your new hard drive if need be. No, the quality probably won’t be as good… you won’t be able to resize them any bigger than they appear on your site, but at least they are not lost forever!

  4. The hard drive on Josh’s computer went out last night! (Who is out there attacking our computers?!) It is driving me crazy that he is using mine because he ruins all my log-ins and what not! I can’t wait to get it fixed!!

  5. Tom

    An easy way to backup and store files and images for free. Open a Yahoo account (free) and send your favorite pictures to yourself at your new Yahoo mail addy. On Yahoo, create a folder inside your Personal Folders that says “Pictures” and put all the emails inside that folder. Now if you lose you hard drive, you can go to Yahoo from your new pc and retrieve all your pictures. If you have the ability to zip files (WinZip is a good program for this) you can copy all your pictures to a zip folder and zip them all into a smaller file which will make this whole process that much easier and quicker. Also, if you have Norton 360 there is a backup feature which will do this for you. It probably cost a bit, but it backs all your stuff up to an online folder similar to what I just suggested.

    Hope you get all your stuff back.


    DB, I have yet another “You Provide the Caption” event today at my blog. As a former winner, I thought you might want to take another crack at it.

  6. Oh man. I’ve been there. I lost all our Grand Canyon and trip from TX to WA photos. Ugh. I store all my photos on an external hard drive now.

    I hope they are able to save your stuff!!!

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