Oreos & Milk

my faceAnd we’re back! Did you miss me? Wait, don’t answer that! OK…I have a new hard drive on my computer. Computer Geek Place #1 was “unable” to recover data from my kaput hard drive. My hope is that they just don’t really specialize in that kind of thing and that Computer Geek Place #2 or even #3 (if it comes to that) can help us. I’m trying really hard not to think about what is potentially lost.

Wednesday night was my last night with Internet access because DB had to travel on Thursday and Friday. Eeek! What was I to do? Not only could I not get on the Internet, I couldn’t even find other time wasting things to do on the computer because I had. no. computer! I hyperventilated a little bit until I realized there was always the library computers! Just kidding, sort of. I’m not that desperate. Maybe. But I had plenty to do on Thursday and Friday to fill my time. I had last minute preparations for our Brownie troop camp-out and the ever present laundry and house cleaning to keep me busy. I actually got my computer back on Thursday afternoon but I didn’t have the time or energy to spend on setting it up and loading software, etc. It sat on my desk until Friday night, when DB finally got home, before even getting turned on. But my floors are were clean (*&%$#@! dog and kids!)

So last night was the Big Brownie Camp-Out In. Let’s recap, shall we? Leader (me) doesn’t get troop registered for real Girl Scout camping in time so troop is waitlisted. Leader (me) knows she must have a contingency plan in place in case troop stays waitlisted. Enter family member with large backyard and several combined years of scouting experience. Yay! We’ll have a backyard camp-out. Beginning of this week weather cutie patooties are forecasting rain for Friday. Leader (me) is fretting. Rain? But I’ll melt! Call family member with large backyard and several combined years of scouting experience. No problem, we’ll just move the camping indoors! Yay! We’ll have a bonus room camp-in! Friday morning, nasty storm system moves through middle Tennessee. Tornados? But we’ll end up in Oz and I don’t have any ruby slippers! Storm passes, I guess we’ll visit Oz another day. Camp-out in commences. There were s’mores, tents, laughter, tears, crafts, more tears, flashlight games, more laughter, more crafts, more tears, games, what-part-of-no-more-talking-do-you-not-understand?, vomit (oops, we lost one), giggling, finally quiet, a few hours of blissful quiet then…., girls-talking-so-loudly-they-couldn’t-even-hear-the-crack-of-dawn, packing-up, tears, breakfast with whine, outside play with whine, laughter, more crafts with whine, more tears (this time mine, no! – I’m kidding!) and finally everyone went home! All in all it was a good time. I’m glad we did it. And yes, I took a nap today! And I’ll be having wine, not whine, with dinner.

More than you wanted to know right? Oops. Too late!

Join us next time for Tales from the Oversharing Files!


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3 responses to “Oreos & Milk

  1. Best part of Girl Scout camping was always the smores! And someone always cried – I think it was a rule. And now that I’m an adult, I’m convinced some of the leaders must have carried flasks to get through it all.

  2. You’re hilarious. Sassy and hilarious. Pretty good combo, I’d say. 😉 Make that gorgeous, sassy & hilarious. No wonder DB finds you irresistible!

  3. Wow! You are one tough cookie. They would have cracked me from the first tear.


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