Of Meals and Meltdowns

my faceI guess I got a little too cocky last night by being oh-so-sure that a glass of wine, not whine, with dinner was in my future and that I somehow deserved it. As it turns out, it was not to be. My dear, sweet husband had said the those words I love to hear, “Let’s go out for dinner”. We decided on a restaurant and knew about what time we would need to leave so that we wouldn’t end up waiting an hour to be seated. But…the children had fallen asleep and waking them proved to be a feat of insane proportions. They resisted and whined and cried and whined and resisted until we just gave up and nixed the whole going out for dinner plan. Then, they had the audacity to whine and cry and complain that we were not going out for dinner! I was one angry mama.

They got soup and grilled cheese sandwiches instead. Then we bathed them and put them right back to bed!

And then we ordered in dinner for ourselves and watched a movie. The evening didn’t turn out exactly as I had expected but I guess in the end it all worked out for the best.


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