Monday Morning

You know, there are a lot of reasons people don’t like Monday mornings. They have to go back to work or school. They don’t get to sleep-in or make plans for a leisurely day. They have to deal with traffic and cranky co-workers and sleepy students or teachers. And sometimes they have to die terrible, horrifying deaths. Nothing like a kid with a gun to put a damper on a Monday morning.

Anniversaries are weird, you know. Last year on Monday, April 16th, something absolutely evil and inexplicably horrible happened at our alma mater, Virginia Tech. It was a Monday morning. I had returned the day before from visiting students and friends and family in Blacksburg. And then all hell broke loose. This year, April 16th falls on a Wednesday but as I sit here at my computer on this Monday morning, I feel all the horror and grief and anger and despair that I felt one year ago today.

I hate Mondays.


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3 responses to “Monday Morning

  1. Sheryl

    Even from CA and from the campus of Fresno State, we still feel the effects of that tragic day. We’re doing an anniversary ceremony on Wednesday at our VT memorial garden. I plan on attending. I’ll send you the pics.

  2. Tom

    Prayers go out to everyone affected.

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