The Eyes Have It

Awhile back I let my contact lens prescription slip. I had already way overused my monthly wear contacts and it was too early to return to the optometrist for an annual exam (plus, I couldn’t bear to have him lecture me on my improper use and wear of my contacts), so….I just wore my glasses. I considered just going to another optometrist. Like those places in Wal-HellMart or one of those places I see advertised on television. But, I’m lazy and I really like my optometrist and he’s really close by. So I waited.

On Monday, I made an appointment and yesterday I went in for my exam. I’m back in contacts and loving it! I get to wear my sunglasses again and push them back on my head as “headband” when I’m indoors. (I really missed that aspect of wearing contact lenses.)

All that to say, I’ve changed my avatar again to reflect my true appearance and personality. 🙂



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4 responses to “The Eyes Have It

  1. I TOO wear my sunglasses as a headband! In fact I do it so much that when Gillian plays “ellyn” she puts her sunglasses on her head!

    I am very picky about my sunglasses becuase they have to make the right look when I push them up onto my head! I don’t buy the ones with the nose guards…they rip my hair out!

    Sunglasses are the best headbands EVER!

  2. Tom

    I too am very picky about my sunglasses. They must cover my eyes giving me an all important glare shield from that orange-ish orb in the sky (plus they need to look cool). Seriously, I’ve gone over to the type of glasses with lenses that wrap around so as to also protect peripheral illumination issues as well. While I have sensitive eyes and am in dire need of good glasses in the summer, I don’t have enough hair to worry about the headband thing. Sorry ladies.

  3. Yep, Sassy’s back. 😉

  4. Malia

    Ellyn – yes, great minds think alike! Long live the sunglasses headband! And that is very cute about Gillian.

    Tom – those sound like sunglasses my grandmother used to wear. 😉

    Lisa – oh yeah!

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