Prom Prologue

Two of our nieces have their proms coming up this weekend. Well technically one is a “banquet” because it’s a Church of Christ private school and we CofCers just can’t allow dancing. But the premise is the same, you get all gussied up, have your hair did, take lots of pictures, hang out at the event for an acceptable length of time and then head out to the “real” party afterwards. Right? Right.

I’m not feeling as nostalgic and weepy as their parents are, however I do remember those two little five-year-old girls tending the guestbook at our wedding ceremony almost 13 years ago!

My how they’ve grown-up!

I can’t wait to see them in their prom gear. It has me reminiscing about prom nights from years gone by. I’ve located pictures from the proms that I/we attended and will be posting them here this week. Then hopefully, I can do a prom epilogue post this weekend and with pictures of these two lovely young ladies in their fancy duds.

Shoot, now where’d I put the tissues? It’s getting kinda misty in here…


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2 responses to “Prom Prologue

  1. Stephanie

    aw, cute! i will definitely put alot of pictures on facebook cuz last year i hardly took any pictures. so i swore to take alot this year. : D
    you made mom cry btw. haha

  2. Wow – those are some gorgeous girls!

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