Prom Part Two (a “He Said/She Said” Post)

He said:

I remember exactly three things (OK, maybe five) from my senior prom: 1) The incredibly good northern Italian restaurant we went to whose name escapes me. 2) The junior class was responsible for paying for and arranging the prom and it was BAD. (Our class was top notch when we did it) Malia’s class was a bunch of acidheads who couldn’t organize or fundraise worth anything because daddy always paid for everything they ever wanted or they didn’t give a rat’s patootie about anything or both. 3) How incredibly beautiful my date was…so much so that I could not keep my eyes off of her whilst driving. 4) Eating breakfast at Shoney’s…high class, very high class. 5) I can’t remember anything else….that is bad….tells you how “important” all that stuff is in the grand scheme of things I suppose or just how bad my memory is perhaps.

My junior year I went to prom with a group in a limo and we went to see the sights in DC at night after prom, very cool. I went to prom with a girl who hated me earlier that spring because I had won the Model UN Club Presidency (oh yeah, shout out to Burkina Faso) over her because the day the teacher decided to have the elections, she was not there nor were some of the other people in the club who would likely have voted for her. I truly had nothing to do with it but they hated me for it nonetheless. So, I’m sorry. I’ve left that off my resume just for the sheer principle of the matter. Can’t remember much else about that prom either…just hanging at Rob’s house and sleeping on the floor.

Ah, memories to last a lifetime there.

Hmmm…I either need to clean off my scanner or there was a lot of dust/lint on that photo! I searched high and low for this photo because of all the pictures taken that night, it really is the best one. Most importantly it’s the one that best shows off my dress! I loved that dress! It was my favorite of all my dresses. I loved the “uneven” hemline and the baby blue satin lining that peeked out in the back. Once again, everything was color coordinated to the hilt. Shoes, purse, corsage, eyeshadow, bow tie, cummerbund, boutonnière, they were all baby blue. I was very surprised once again by mother in that she allowed such a “risqué” neckline! (At least it was for me. And Mom…I’m going to talk more about the dresses later. OK?) Once again, tails on the boy. Yes boy, we look like we’re twelve right? We’re both seventeen in this picture, DB turned 18 a month later. A couple more pictures after the jump.

She said:

Traditionally, in our school at least, I don’t know how other school’s do it, the junior class “puts on” prom for the seniors. Unfortunately my class was the laziest, most self absorbed pack of slackers you’ve ever seen. Our fundraising efforts were pathetic and trying to get anyone to do anything was basically impossible. I was junior class treasurer that year and we didn’t have enough money to plan a fancy prom. The seniors, juniors the year before, had put on a spectacular prom and we were expected to fill their very big shoes. Well, it didn’t happen and DB still won’t let me forget it! 😉

From my perspective, this was my favorite of the proms I attended. Part of it had to do with the fact that I did have a major role in planning it and I felt we did a pretty good job considering what we had to work with. Part of it had to do with the fact that my junior year was, by far, the best of my four years of high school. That, of course, had to do with whom I was dating. My high school sweetheart, the love of my life!

Prom preparations took place at my friend Karla’s house. Her stepmom was a Mary Kay consultant and did facials with us and sent us on our way with enough samples for touch-ups later on. DB picked me up at my house. We took pictures there and then drove back to his house for more pictures.

I remember getting sauce on my dress at dinner but it was camouflaged by the floral print of the material. I was very nervous. I felt like he was more sophisticated that I was and I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself!

Let’s see…after dinner we headed to the prom. Danced.* Mingled. Got picture taken. Danced. Mingled. Left. We made an obligatory appearance at the “After Prom” party that was hosted back at our high school and then went to a friend’s house for the rest of the night. Yes, we went to Shoney’s for breakfast.

Other random memory is from my part-time job that I had. I worked with several other high school students and everyone was going to prom. We all requested the night off (it was a Friday). We all stayed up practically the entire night and we all had to work the 2pm to close shift the next day! (Our manager was getting her revenge on us!) It was brutal. At one point I felt sure I was going to fall asleep standing up!

*I think technically that would be, “Swayed”. I’m a terrible dancer, I have no rhythm and I always try to lead.
At my house.

At his house.

Up next, my Senior prom!


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4 responses to “Prom Part Two (a “He Said/She Said” Post)

  1. Cute! I love your hair. 🙂

  2. More sophisticated?!? That geek?!? I mean, I know the Model UN was cool and all but, come on.

    And yes, you still try to lead while dancing.

  3. Sheryl

    Another gorgeous dress, and who would’ve thought that there would be such a lifetime of memories after that night. What a cute couple you are! You both look really young in the picture but grew up to be beautiful people – both inside and out. Ok, I’m getting goosy now, I’ll stop! 🙂
    Love you guys!!

  4. i like this,, u have a nice life with him,,, god bless u too!!!!!

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