Wings, Cupcakes & Ice Cream

I’ll resume prom posting tomorrow. Right now I’d like to give a bunch of link love to all my fabulous blogger friends that I got to hang with this weekend. I know you’re probably sick of me saying this but blogging has opened up a whole new side of life for me. It still boggles my mind that I have made so many new friends just by starting a blog and reading the blogs of others. My life will never be the same and that is a good thing! So, onto our weekend…

Friday night we met up with a group at bloggers at Buffalo Wild Wings in Smyrna. (btw, yummy wings!) The occasion was to bask in the greatness of Newscoma and Squirrel Queen who hail from West Tennessee but occasionally grace us with their awesomeness here in Nashville. Ivy & her family, Kathy & her family (-1 daughter who was otherwise occupied), Ginger & her daughter, John Carney, Christian (& Vince joined us later), and Shauna were all in attendance. It wasn’t the most ideal setting for conversation but it was still very nice to be with blogger friends in person and not online.

Saturday morning, the kids & I headed back to Smyrna to help celebrate Pea turning three. We played at a playground and had yummy cupcakes as a birthday treat. Then we headed to East Nashville to hang with Jag, Lesley & Ivy (again) as they hocked their wares to unsuspecting strangers. 😛

And today, the superfab Mrs. Fussypants and I went got our toenails all prettified and then gossiped chatted over bowls of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream.

It’s been such a fun and satisfying weekend. We should definitely do it again sometime!

And one final bit of link love. I got my hard drive back earlier this week and yes, the data was recovered! That means I still have all my pictures, which was my biggest concern. I can’t even begin to describe the relief I felt when DB and I looked over the files and found (not in their original locations but thats OK!) the picture files. When DB clicked on one of the files and up popped a picture of the GMan as a baby, I let out a very long and grateful sigh. I have kind of felt as if I’ve been holding my breath for the past couple of weeks as we waited to see what would happen with the hard drive. All that to say, if you’re in need of any computer repair work be sure to go and see the gang at MouseCalls (owned by the hubby of my blogger friend known as BlondeMom)! They rock!!



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3 responses to “Wings, Cupcakes & Ice Cream

  1. They recovered all your data? That is great. BTW, one of these days we just need to meet at the park like you guys did last year where everyone can talk and hangout. Maybe next time that would be best so the kids can play and we aren’t stuck at a table. 🙂

  2. Malia

    For the most part, yes, it was all recovered. We can’t seem to transfer the software applications (like MS Word, Excel, etc) to our new hard drive but we’ll make do. I really was mainly concerned about the picture files. We were concerned about the music files too, then DB figured out how to download the music that was on his iPod back onto iTunes. Most of what we had in iTunes was also on his iPod except for some video. So, it’s all good!

  3. So glad to see you again. I had a blast playing trivia with DB and the rest of the gang. That’s the first visit I’ve had with him since way back at a Mothership gathering. Newscoma’s right though, we need to find a quieter place to gather so we can all share space and conversation.

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