The Great Inquisitor

The GMan is constantly asking questions. He’s been asking questions for over a year now but they’ve grown increasingly more sophisticated (for a three year old) and lately, more difficult to answer. Mostly he asks about things that he’s observing. It’s especially frustrating when we are in the car and he asks the ubiquitous, “What’s that?” What’s what? “That” could be anything! And then there are the numerous times during the day when he asks a question, I give him an answer only to have him contradict me and say, “No. It’s (insert his answer here)!” Then why did you ask me if you already knew the answer? (Or thought you knew the answer since his answer is usually a bit bizarre.)

Even though answering questions can be the equivalent of Chinese water torture sometimes, I’m still glad that he asks questions and I truly hope he never stops asking questions. And then there are the times when they blow you away with questions and you get a glimpse of something that shows your hard parenting work just may be paying off. Take this scene for example:

We’ve arrived at the YMCA because I’m supposed to be meeting a friend at a Zumba class. I’m, as usual, late. I go up to the entrance kiosk, get my card scanned and start to head inside when I notice that GMan is not following me. Instead, he’s still standing at the kiosk window intently staring inside. The little 1/2 circle cut out in the window where the attendant reaches through to scan cards is just about at GMan’s eye level. I start towards him, to hurry him along, when he says to the attendant, “Excuse me*, why are your trashcans upside down?” Sure enough, inside the kiosk are a few recycling bins stacked on top of one another and they are stacked upside down! The attendant chuckled and explained that they are recycling bins that are temporarily being stored in the kiosk. His answer satisfied the GMan and we headed inside. Before we had made it to the door he had asked me at least half dozen more questions!

*I still can’t get over the fact that he said “Excuse me”! I can barely get him to say please, at home, when he wants something but he says “Excuse me” to a total stranger? Wonders never cease!



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2 responses to “The Great Inquisitor

  1. that is really funny. I can completely see him doing this.

  2. For some reason, (a mystery of life perhaps)kids do pick up on good manners and often show to others what they would not dream of exposing to us mere mortals that live with them. My 10 year old is a prime example of this, she is the most polite, well behaved child at school, church, etc…. (I am not bragging, you can ask anyone) but at home things are often very different. Maybe they do it to keep us humble? Enjoy this time with the G-man, it slips away all too fast!

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