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I Start With G

The GMan is 3 1/2 today! And the past six months have been such a roller coaster with him. Three has definitely been the toughest stage (it was with JBelle as well). Here are some things that the GMan has been up to recently.

  • At his “3 year” check-up (done this past Monday, only about six months “late”!) he weighed 42 lbs and was 41 inches tall.
  • Whenever he asks me if we can do something, go somewhere, have something and I reply with a “Maybe” or a “We’ll see” he replies back with, “Let’s say yes!”
  • He has an incredible imagination and personality and has won over all of the caregivers/teachers he sees on a regular basis (at the Y & at church). One Y nursery worker said to me one day, “GMan is the best! He has such a great imagination!” and another gentleman at church has referred to him as the Über Toddler.
  • Currently his pretend play involves us being firefighters and going to emergencies. Whenever we get into the car, he says it’s our firefighter truck. My car has also been a pirate ship, an “ambulance car” and an airplane.
  • His three great loves are watching “kids movies”, playing outside and being read to.
  • When he wants to play on the computer, he asks if we can play his “Hopper game” (i.e. Webkinz World) or “Elmo Peek-A-Boo” (i.e. SesameStreet.com, we rarely actually play the “Peek-A-Boo” game when we go to that site but that’s still what he calls it!)
  • Awhile back I had gotten angry with him about something and I was trying to express to him how upset I was without being overly negative. I said to him, “I’m not very happy with you right now.” That has now prompted him to ask me on a daily basis, “Mommy, are you happy with me?” Sometimes it comes out of the blue, other times it comes when he sees that I’m frustrated about something that may not necessarily be about him. It’s so cute! And usually when he asks me I’ll say, “Yes, I’m happy with you!” But there have been a few times when I couldn’t say that so I respond honestly that no, I’m not happy with him at that moment.
  • He has developed his sister’s habit of always wanting to know what we’re doing next. Drives me batty! He’ll often ask in the late afternoon or evening as bedtime approaches, “What are we going to do/where are we going to go after bedtime?”
  • Whenever he has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich he wants a “circle” sandwich (one that has been cut into a circle) and a “plane” sandwich (one that has been cut in half diagonally, then one half is cut in half again, the two smaller halves are propped up on either side of the larger half). This is his favorite meal for breakfast or lunch!
  • Speaking of breakfast, he pronounces it “bresscess”. And goosebumps are “bumpsboose”.
  • Speaking of food…he’s always hungry!
  • A few weeks ago, he asked me to scratch his back with my backscratcher. Like, there’s not a place on his own back he can’t reach himself! So, I start using the backscratcher on him and he starts saying, “a little to the left, a little more to left, ok right there! (as his points to the exact spot he wants scratched!), ok, now down here…” Too funny!
  • Little by little, he’s learning his letters. He can identify several of them including, “G”. And when he sees a “G” he says, “I start with G!”

Our little boy…growing up entirely too fast!

Something I found on “Miss” Judy’s blog:

“Joyce Maynard compares nurturing children to launching toy boats–we lower them gently, run along the bank aways…even get them unstuck a time or two…Then they’ll be off toward some unknown destination, while we stand on the shore, waving and cheering, watching them go.”


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