Daily Archives: May 3, 2008


He ventured outside
seeking the perfect green leaf
to make it his own

The trees that he saw
stood naked alone dying
they were all the same

“Eaten by the worms
bewitched infested blighted
what could have done this

I must have my leaf
what injustice befalls me
today in my wood”

The whole forest moaned
“you demand of us our fruit
our root seed and wood

Reap without sowing
peel dig eat cut maim starve kill
‘give me more’ you say

Yet you wonder now
what ill brings this destruction
upon you this day”

He appeared puzzled
gripped by deep thought or darkness
or maybe just gristle

The trees paused hoping
their demise hung on the breeze
like yesterday’s rain

He hadn’t heard them
one lone leaf turned in the sun
he picked it and left

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