Our Evening with Vince Gill & Johnny Carrabba

If you follow me on Facebook or Flickr, you’ve already seen the pictures. But I still wanted to write about the evening here as well. This past Friday night, DB and I went to a benefit event at the Country Music Hall of Fame called, “The Art of Expression”. The fundraising was for two programs for the homeless here in Nashville, Room in the Inn and the Campus for Human Development. The premise of the evening was that Johnny Carrabba, co-founder of Carrabba’s Italian Grill, would be “teaching” Vince Gill how to cook some of his wife’s, Amy Grant, favorite Carrabba’s dishes for Mother’s Day.

It was a really fun! I’d say one of the neatest things we’ve ever done while living in Nashville. Some highlights of the evening:

  • Appetizers and mingling: Yummy food! A shrimp appetizer, bruschetta & tomatoes caprese. Johnny and Vince did several interviews with the news media and made the rounds in the crowds, taking pictures and signing autographs. Our “tablemates”, Amy & Shannon, were fun & good people to have around.
  • Cooking show: Johnny and Vince were up on a makeshift kitchen platform. It was educational and entertaining, Vince Gill is a card! And he and Johnny had a great rapport. They made three dishes; Cozze In Bianco (Mussels in White Wine sauce, Amy’s favorite), Pasta Primavera & Chicken Marsala.
  • Dinner: More yummy food! Cozze In Bianco, Chicken & Sirloin Marsala and lobster ravioli. Desserts were shot glass portions of Dessert Rosa & Sogno di Cioccolata.
  • DB here — Adam Dread was there. Malia didn’t know who he was. While standing in line for dinner, he was behind us in the lobby about 20 feet away. I pointed him out to her and then explained to the person next to us in line that “Malia doesn’t know who Adam Dread is”….just as Adam walks by. He got three feet past us and wheeled around, got a bead on Malia and said “Hi, I’m Adam Dread”. he then went into his stand-up routine. “Where are you from? No, what street?”.
  • Silent auction: I bid on a book set with Carrabba’s gift certificate and won! The books are “A Guitar and a Pen: Stories by Country Music’s Greatest Songwriters”, which was signed by Vince Gill and by the editor Robert Hicks, and “Ciao Y’all: Recipes from the PBS Series Cucina Amore” by Johnny Carrabba and Damian Mandola (unfortunately, this one was not signed and by the time I realized it, I couldn’t get to Johnny to sign it!).
  • Music: a concert by Vince Gill performed in the Ford Theater there in the Hall of Fame. That was, hands down, the best part of the evening. Vince did several songs, new and old, and he talked a lot about the stories behind the songs and who inspired them and who he wrote them with.


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5 responses to “Our Evening with Vince Gill & Johnny Carrabba

  1. I love your pictures and stories from this wonderful night! How fun!!! Oooh, and that pic of you and Vinnie…va-va-voom! 🙂

  2. Sounds great – I heard about it on the radio. I heart Carraba’s and am sure I know some of Vince Gill’s songs. Chicken Bryan is my favorite thing at Carraba’s and now I am craving it.

  3. There are some definite advantages to living in Tenn. Sounds like you had a great night!

  4. Sheryl

    I agree with Michelle, there are some definate advantages to living in TN. I’m so jealous!! The only famous person I get to see around Fresno is ‘Bubba’ (aka Alan Autry, from Heat of the Night) who is our Mayor. Was Amy there with Vince?? I am definately jealous if you got to see her too. She’s my all-time fav and the inspiration for me loving Christian music. Glad you all got to enjoy!

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