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Family Graduation Birthday Holiday Extravaganza Weekend Recap

First of all, I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to JBelle who turned 8 yesterday!

Second, I’ll warn you, this is a long post. Sorry, I just couldn’t figure out how to make it any shorter!

We had a rather “exciting” weekend. I had dubbed it the Family Graduation Birthday Holiday Extravaganza sometime last week because of all the events and plans we had in place for the weekend. But as you’ll find from reading this post, things don’t always work out like you planned.

We’ll start with Friday. We initiated Summer with our inaugural Frozen Friday treat. Several weeks ago a Dippin’ Dots ice cream store opened up next to “our” Publix and the GMan has been asking to go ever since. I told him that we would go when it’s summer time. So since Friday was the first official day of “summer vacation” we headed to Dippin’ Dots for Frozen Friday.

Saturday was a graduation ceremony & party for one of our nieces. (We had two nieces graduate over the weekend.) We settled ourselves onto the gym bleachers and witnessed that grand milestone of high school graduation.

Then we headed to DB’s brother’s house for the after graduation party. Had lots of fun eating & chatting & catching up with people we’d not seen in awhile. About 7:30 that evening, I was ready to head home. I knew the kids needed to get to bed at a decent hour since we had church the next morning and another graduation the next afternoon.

As I was loading up the car, DB and his brother come up behind me on one of the four wheelers that his brother owns. DB hopped off, I got on and my brother-in-law took me on a little spin around his property. Now, I love those things, they are so much fun but I’d rather drive than ride (I have control issues). So when we stopped again, I got into the driver position and DB got on behind me and I drove him around. Once again, we switched, DB in driver position, me as passenger. Well, here’s where it got “exciting”. We took an incline a tad too fast and I ended up flying off the back of the four wheeler and hitting the ground head first. DB managed to roll off and away from the vehicle. I won’t lie to you, I was terrified and in a lot of pain. I laid there on the ground staring straight up into the sky trying to not completely freak out but not being very successful. It’s all kind of blur. I remember DB coming to my side, I remember shouting and people yelling, “Call 911!” A woman I didn’t know (but later found out was my niece’s boyfriend’s mother who is a nurse) came over to me and started asking me questions and telling me to follow my finger with my eyes. I know I started laughing, kind of, at one point because I was trying so hard to stay calm but I kept crying. I heard the sirens from the ambulance. The paramedic came over to me and asked me questions. They put me in a C-Spine collar and on a backboard and put me in the ambulance and headed to the ER* (my first ever ride in an ambulance).

I’ll spare you all the rest of the details because I’m fine. Truly and miraculously fine. They took X-rays and CT scans at the hospital. Nothing was broken and there was no concussion. My injuries consist of an abrasion on my head (with lots of lovely swelling and pretty colors on the left side of my face plus I lost a chunk of hair where I hit the ground), my neck is sore and stiff, my left middle finger is “jammed” and swollen and sore, my right shoulder has a pretty bruise and is sore, and I chipped three teeth. No, I was not wearing a helmet. But I will…next time.

The accident put me out of commission for Sunday’s activities, so missed seeing my other niece graduate. I took it easy on Sunday. Monday was JBelle’s birthday and I was determined to be mobile and able to participate in the festivities. All through this DB was my rock and my constant. He took care of me, he took care of the kids and all the remaining preparations for Monday’s celebration. He had some abrasions and bruising but he put any pain or fatigue he felt behind him to care for us.

So, now we’re up to Monday. We were still able to celebrate JBelle’s birthday pretty much as planned. We had breakfast, blueberry muffins, just the four of us at home that morning and gave JBelle her birthday presents from us. Then we headed to the home of another of the brothers for the festivities. We stopped along the way to get JBelle’s cake. Brooke O’Dell of Ice This did the cake.

(That’s her Webkinz cat, Blossom.)

At the party we celebrated JBelle’s 8th birthday and also birthdays of other family members from earlier this month and from the Spring. We did an “Irish blessing” of sorts for JBelle. I’ll put those in a separate post for later. We spent time with our family and laughed and talked and ate and felt blessed to all be together again even for such a brief time.

All in all, accident aside, it was a good weekend. I’m grateful to have family nearby to celebrate the good times with and to be there for each other in the bad times. I’m happy and excited for my nieces who are starting new phases of their lives. I’m humbled by how time flies so fast. I have an 8 year old now! She’s going into third grade! Eight years has passed quite quickly, how is it that she’s not a baby anymore? I’m also thankful that I’m here and healthy. I concentrate on the fact that all is well and not on what could have been. Soon, it will be a distant memory, another brush stroke on the canvas of my life. I thank God that neither of us were seriously injured and for the blessing of each and every day.

*Another post for another time is how I seem to have a graduation jinx…


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