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Busy, Busy, Dreadfully Busy

It’s summertime! We’re not supposed to be this busy!! But we are. Here’s what we’ve been up to in the past week or so:

Friday 6/6 – Went to a Nashville Sounds baseball game to celebrate DB’s birthday. We combined our Frozen Friday treat with the game by getting the kids ice cream served in little baseball hats. We stayed the entire game (Sounds won!) and through the fireworks at the end. The kids were SO tired and they both ended up crying during the fireworks! It was the GMan’s first experience with fireworks and JBelle was just tired and cranky and didn’t like how loud it was.

Saturday 6/7 – DB’s birthday. Went to IHOP for breakfast/lunch. Ran some errands which included a stop at J. Barleycorn’s for DB’s birthday present, two bottles of Chimay Ale, our new favorite beer. That evening we headed to Hendersonville to have dinner at the of home some longtime friends from high school & college days. They have children similar in age to ours and the kids seems to always have fun when they are together. We got to swim with them at their neighborhood pool which had a diving board! JBelle worked up her courage and gave it a try. She, of course, loved it! I had such nostalgia watching her jump off the board, come up out of the water, get out of the pool and head directly back to the line to wait for another turn. I remember doing the same thing when I was her age!

6/9-12 – DB had to go to Houston on a business trip. I took the kids swimming a couple of days. We went to the zoo on Tuesday. JBelle did some testing for the “gifted” program for Metro schools. We ran lots of errands and I attempted to start getting some things cleaned up around here. (I wasn’t very successful!)

Tuesday night (6/10) – I got to hang out with some of my blogger buddies!! I was very grateful that my niece was able to babysit for me because I was in desperate need of some adult drinks and conversations! It was lots of fun and I got to finally meet Holly!

Thursday 6/12 – DB came home from his trip and said the words I love to hear, “Where do you want to go for dinner?” We chose Carrabba’s because we still had a gift certificate from the benefit that we attended last month. It was yummy! And I could tell that the kids had really missed their dad because they both couldn’t seem to get close enough to him! GMan kept trying to sit on his lap and JBelle kept scooting closer and closer to him.

Yesterday we hung out at home all morning while DB and I tried (always trying, rarely succeeding!) to get some things done around here. Then after lunch I headed out with the kids to run more errands and do Frozen Friday, which was at Cold Stone Creamery! The YMCA holds Friday night pool parties and we had planned on attending this one but we got a bunch of storms Friday afternoon. They did re-open the pool at 5pm but did not do the party. We went anyway and swam and Emily joined us for awhile, too.

I don’t usually like doing these kinds of posts but I realized it’s been over a week since I posted anything and I was thinking about all the things we’ve been up to so I just decided to write about it! It’s been awhile since DB’s been out of town on business. The kids and I had a rough time with it, too. They were testing their limits with me and I ran out of patience entirely too soon! I even had a “mom tantrum” on Thursday which was not pretty. I’m really, really, really trying to enjoy this time with them. Really, I am!

Well…there’s no rest for the weary around here. Laundry is piling up at an alarming rate. The refrigerator practically echoes from the emptiness when it’s opened and those dishes in the sink aren’t going to clean themselves, unfortunately! Oh, and did I mention errands? Yeah, there’s more of those today as well! Guess I’ll be back in a week or so to update again!


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