Daily Archives: July 3, 2008


So, is anyone still reading this blog? I mean, I wouldn’t if I were you. Who wants to read the same boring post that’s been up there since last month? Not me.

And here we are with yet another boring post about what we’ve been up to and why we’ve not been blogging.

If you must know, we’ve been traveling. We went to Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Camp Manatawny in PA. We were gone from home 12 days. We all slept in the same room for 12 long nights. We occupied the same car space for hours on end traveling up and back. And now, we’re home. Home, sweet home. Land of laundry and breeding ground for dog hair and dust. But all is well because the day after we arrived home the most beautiful, amazing people in world arrived at our door. They are known as grandparents and are revered for their willingness to take the bratty sweet children off the parent’s hands, pay for groceries, fold laundry and clean up the kitchen. Well, at least one of them does. The other is downtown harmonizing with 10,000 other sweaty, old charming men. But we still love him. Afterall, he’s the financier!

I have pictures, too. But half of them are on DB’s laptop. Once I get them onto my computer, I’ll share our adventures with you. Until then…enjoy your long weekend!


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