A Rather Belated Apology

Dear Mom & Dad,

Remember when I used to pick fights with my sister and say things to her in that “know-it-all” manner because I was eight years old and “knew it all”? Remember when I was deliberately ugly to her but feigned innocence because surely it wasn’t my fault, it had to be hers? Remember when we used to bicker and fight all. the. live. long. day?

Well, I’m here to say I’m sorry. Truly, contritely sorry. I apologize for all the angst I caused. I have seen the error of my ways even it is 26 years too late. I’m sorry for making you feel like pulling your hair out and wishing that I’ve never learned to talk. I’m sorry for making endless summer days feel that much longer. And I’m really, really sorry I ever talked back to you.

Now, could you please, pretty please with sugar on top lift the “I hope you have one just like you!” curse?

Gratefully and forever apologetically yours,




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6 responses to “A Rather Belated Apology

  1. Tanya

    Too funny! I was just thinking about this, too. My kids are arguing like crazy these days!! Probably because they are with each other ALL DAY LONG now that it is summer. Next week we FINALLY go on vacation – WAHOO!! They will have lots of other people (relatives!) to play with other than their siblings and their Mama 🙂

  2. I’ll third that sentiment.

  3. funny how none of that apology is directed at the little sister…


  4. Too funny! It is good for me to read stuff like this. It reminds me that even though I often long for a sibling for my “only child”…siblings come with their own set of problems that we avoid by having only one!

    Somehow, “I am bored”, “play with me Mama” and “Can I call _____?” don’t seem so irritating now!

    Hope the curse will be lifted but don’t bet the farm on it!

  5. Ellyn

    Too funny! I of course NEVER did that! 🙂 And uh, little sister…big sisters never actually tell the younger siblings that they are sorry…it is in the big sister handbook (page 42 paragraph 3)

  6. i have had that EXACT same conversation with my mother!!!

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