Girls Night Out

An opportunity to have a ‘Girls Night Out’ basically fell into my lap several day ago. DB and JBelle had plans to go to an IRL race this past Saturday night and I was trying to figure out what the GMan and I would do in their absence. I had already decided that I would take him to a movie (WALL-E). Then I got an e-mail from church about ‘Parents Night Out’ (a free* babysitting night sponsored by our Singles group) that was scheduled for Saturday night. We try to take advantage of these ‘Parents Night Out’ events as much as possible. First, because the kids really enjoy them and second because it supports this group in their missions efforts. (*It’s technically free babysitting but they set out a jar to take donations for their current missions projects.)

So, I signed the GMan up and e-mailed some girlfriends to see if any were available to join me for some ‘Girl Time’ on Saturday night. I got three takers: my sister, Jamie & Holly.  We met at Nero’s Grill in Green Hills for dinner & drinks.  I had wanted to go shopping/browsing at a new outdoor shopping venue in Green Hills after dinner but as we left the restaurant we noticed that the skies looked rather threatening so we decided instead to go to The Mall at Green Hills (TMaG for the locals). It was so very nice to just wander through shops and look at things without saying “Stop that!” and “No touching!” and “Put that down!” and “Get back here!”, etc, etc. I splurged on some new lip gloss and nail polish whose name is somewhat of an enigma and usually not uttered in polite company but if you’re curious you can go here to see it (the color I chose starts with an “O”!)

It started storming while we were in the mall which made us very glad that were inside and not stuck in a random store somewhere waiting the storm out! We got coffee and chatted some more then parted ways for the evening.

I had a great time and I hope everyone else did, too! It was some much needed “me” time (as you could probably tell from my last couple of posts!)



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4 responses to “Girls Night Out

  1. Sounds like you had fun. I think you were wise not to list the name of your lip gloss. You might get some undesired hits on your blog. I have thought of several cute things to say about it but I am biting my tongue trying to resist!

  2. Sorry I missed it (and sorry I didn’t email to let you know for sure I wasn’t coming…I ended up falling asleep and drooling all over my couch cushion instead – exciting stuff).

    Glad you guys had fun!

  3. I had a great time! Thanks for organizing it. I can’t remember the last time I leisurely walked around in that mall. I enjoyed trying out Nero’s, too.

    I almost mentioned the name of your lipgloss but I already get enough weird Google hits and also figured it wouldn’t go over well at BD. 😉

  4. holly

    Thoroughly enjoyed it as well. The crab cakes, conversation, and company were stellar. And it was great to meet Jamie! Thanks again, ladies.

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