It always blows my mind when we get to this point in the summer. It’s still July but school starts in, get this, 2 1/2 weeks! And this year, I have two children starting school! Of course, GMan is only going to preschool two days a week. A total of ten hours away from home. Ten. Glorious. Hours! Oops, I digressed…anyhoo, we’ve already started preparing for school.

We found some shirts for JBelle on sale at Target. She still needs some shorts/skorts/pants and I’ll probably wait to get her some cooler weather ware since it’ll be awhile before she actually needs it. We also needed a lunch box for GMan. I found the aisle with the lunch boxes, quickly breezed by the licensed character choices down to the end of the aisle where the choices are you know, red, blue, green or black. Well, GMan wouldn’t have anything to do with that. He looked over his shoulder, spotted another lunch box and said, “I want that one! The pirate one!”

“Are you sure? How about this blue one here?” Nope, he would not be dissuaded! So, the pirate one it was. I think we made a good choice, he’s so happy about it.

And terribly excited about going to school with it.

The first couple of days after purchasing it, he carried it around the house. He even got mad at me when I removed the crumpled up filler paper and the Rachael Ray magazine subscription postcard that were inside! Thankfully they were only in the recycling bin and were easily retrieved!

The next couple of weeks are going to be a whirlwind of activity. We’ll get in as much pool time as possible plus get around to going on those field trips that still haven’t happened! I’m thinking the Adventure Science Museum, maybe the Frist, JBelle will go to a cooking class, we’ll paint some pottery, play in the bicentennial park fountains (a yearly summer tradition), go to the Wave Pool. Oh, dear…I think we may have left too much to the end to do! Plus, my grand plans for Frozen Fridays never worked out as I had imagined. We still have not visited Las Paletas, Pied Piper or Bobby’s Dairy Dip! Hmmm….I think Frozen Fridays will have to continue through the end of August since it’s still technically summer.

A few things we have managed to do: JBelle & I saw the “Kit Kittredge” movie together, GMan and I saw “Wall-E” together, JBelle and DB went to an IRL race together, and of course, lots and lots of pool time!



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4 responses to “Preparations

  1. Wow – 2 1/2 weeks? Really? I guess I was marveling at how early they got out of school around here so it makes sense that they go back early but it seems like summer is just getting started! (Of course I haven’t had 2 school age children at home all summer. LOL)

  2. Amy

    We still have 4 1/2 weeks, but of course, we didn’t get out till June 7th either!! But regardless, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, it’s all the same and will arrive too quickly for us to be fully prepared. Getting back to an “early to bed, early to rise” routine will be the hardest part for us. I left for work at 10am today, and Jonathan was STILL asleep and Ethan had JUST woken up!

  3. Malia

    Michelle – yeah, it’s crazy, summer break is really only 11 weeks long and it goes by very quickly!

    Amy – the getting back into the “early to bed, early to rise” routine is the hardest on us, too!

  4. PopC

    Don’t forget that someone has member passes for the Science Center – and they can legally be “loaned out”.

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