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One Small Voice

I feel like there’s nothing new to reveal about motherhood. We’ve seen everything on blogs about motherhood. That’s what made the phenomenon of “mommy blogging” what it is today. Mothers found a voice and opened up about hard motherhood is or maybe even, is not. We’ve confessed our struggles with post-partum depression and addictions. We’ve lamented being sleep deprived and the endless days of dealing with poop in all its various forms. We’ve recalled our pre-pregnancy bodies, social & sex lives, drinking habits, other habits, travels, free time and income only to admit that there’s nothing better than being a mom and seeing the smiling faces of our precious children. We’ve posted pictures and chronicled milestones from first steps to high school graduations. We’ve debated and stringently defended our positions as “work away from home”/”stay at home”/bottlefeeding/breastfeeding/homeschooling/public or private schooling mothers. We’ve recorded our shortcomings, failings and disappointments. We’ve lauded our triumphs, successes and immense joys.

What else is there?

Maybe there isn’t anything new to reveal and maybe that’s not the point. While my rational brain can tell me that all mothers struggle on a daily basis with discipline, guilt, time management, finances and so on, there’s still something in me that breathes a sigh of relief when I come across a post that vocalizes exactly how I’m feeling that day. Though the sentiments and anecdotes may not be original or novel or even shockingly revealing, they express those moments and feelings that make us who we are.

I admit that I’m often envious of the success some have found in blogging about motherhood. I wonder why I even try to lend a voice amid the cacophony of blogs that produce posts about the same things that I go through every day. What makes their stories better than mine? What is so much more compelling about their experiences over mine? Probably nothing and that’s what I’m learning to appreciate. My voice, my blog, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, is still mine. It’s here that I record my shortcomings, failings and disappoints and where I laud my triumphs, successes and immense joys. If it simply helps me put into words moments and feelings so that I can move on from there, so be it. If it encourages and cheers another along the same path, that is all the better.


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