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The Dramatic Exit

In the Family Graduation Birthday Holiday Weekend Extravaganza post, I mentioned an apparent graduation “jinx” that I have. Memorial Day weekend was not the first time I ended up in the emergency room after a graduation celebration. Rewind to thirteen years ago…

DB had graduated from Virginia Tech and his whole immediate family had come to Blacksburg for the occasion. We headed to a local restaurant to eat dinner and celebrate. While we were dining, a rainstorm came through the area and had cleared out by the time we left. However, I managed to find a very slick spot in the parking lot, slipped and fell. It was a bad fall. I was cut up and bleeding and I think I remember that my ankle was hurt as well.

I do not handle pain well so I freaked out. I had no idea how to deal with the pain so I cried and moaned and wailed. DB and his brothers got me into the back of one of their cars and they took me to the hospital. I remember on the way there, DB’s brother trying to assess my injuries and help me stay calm. I remember that two of my soon-to-be nieces were in the car with us and I was concerned that I might be scaring them with all my crying and moaning and hysterics but I just couldn’t help it. (Incidentally, I talked about this with my nieces and neither of the girls remembers this part of that night. Whew!)

At the hospital, they got me admitted and took me back to a bed in the emergency room where I waited for x-rays. And like my with my 4-wheeler accident, everything turned out just fine. No broken bones or internal injuries. Just abrasions and, I think, a twisted or sprained ankle. (I remember getting crutches.) They treated my abrasions, gave me some pain medicine and released me.

Before my dramatic exit I was supposed to go back to my apartment and finish packing since we were leaving Blacksburg the next morning. But with my injuries and limited mobility, I ended up spending the night in DB’s parent’s hotel room so that they could assist me if needed.

In two years, we’ll have two more graduations to attend in the same weekend. I think I’ll stay off of four wheelers and out of the rain that weekend…just to be safe!

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