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Search Engine Terms Commentary

  We get lots of interesting search engine terms that direct people to our little blog here.  I thought I would share some and give some commentary…as if no one has ever done that before.

“live laugh love” – lots of variations on this one, but pretty obvious why they would be directed here.  And yes, you can buy that phrase on embroidered towels or rub-on tattoos, just not here…yet.  And no, it is not derived from the bible.  I am pretty sure there is no laughing in the bible.

“living breathing baby doll” – creepy, creepy, creepy.  People, baby dolls are not real nor can they breathe.  That would be CHUCKY!

“will Malia be busy in September 2008” – I am quite certain she will be, yes.

“deep questions” – we do ponder some deep questions on this site occasionally.  However, the post that prompts that phrase being directed our way was A JOKE.  And really, if you want a “deep question to ask a girl”, how about “what do you think about [insert meaningful subject here]?”  it is really not that hard.

“Malia love” – hmmmm, while this is one of my favorite subjects, you pervs want to use this euphemism to search for Cretan “love“.  Just a suggestion, probably the best way to find “love” in Malia is to bring someone with you that you love already.

“please excuse my dear aunt sally” – PEMDAS, order of operations, etc., purple elephants might destroy atom smashers, proper execution may divert abnormal solutions, not really funny…but does anyone remember what the letters mean?

Can’t wait to see what’s next.


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If I Didn’t Have Kids

Occasionally occurs to me that if I didn’t have kids:

I wouldn’t find toys or rocks or books in my bed when it’s time for me to go to bed at night.

I wouldn’t find toys or rocks or books in my bathroom.

I wouldn’t find toys or rocks (not usually books) in pants pockets when doing the laundry.

I wouldn’t buy Cheerios and Goldfish crackers or have a never ending supply of peanut butter.

I wouldn’t read children’s literature.

I wouldn’t have an annual membership to the zoo.

I wouldn’t watch Disney movies.


Before becoming a parent, I wouldn’t have thought that finding toys and rocks and books left in my bed, bathroom or pockets could be so endearing. (Yes, it can be annoying too, especially since I try so hard to get them to put their stuff away!)

Before becoming a parent, I didn’t realize the nutritional value and sheer tastiness of Cheerios and Goldfish crackers. And I didn’t realize how good a peanut butter and jelly sandwich could taste a lunchtime.

Before becoming a parent, my knowledge of children’s literature pretty much stopped at The Cat In The Hat. I hadn’t yet discovered the treasure of writers that abound in this genre. And I never realized how much I would enjoy sharing my favorite books from childhood with my own kids.

Before becoming a parent, the zoo seemed silly and immature and overrated. (It’s not. Actually, it can be silly but in a really fun way!)

Before becoming a parent, well…I still watched Disney movies but now I get to share my favorites with my children and find new favorites to share with them.

There are many other things I could list but you get the point, I’m sure. Life is just so much fuller with them around.


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