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One Small Voice

I feel like there’s nothing new to reveal about motherhood. We’ve seen everything on blogs about motherhood. That’s what made the phenomenon of “mommy blogging” what it is today. Mothers found a voice and opened up about hard motherhood is or maybe even, is not. We’ve confessed our struggles with post-partum depression and addictions. We’ve lamented being sleep deprived and the endless days of dealing with poop in all its various forms. We’ve recalled our pre-pregnancy bodies, social & sex lives, drinking habits, other habits, travels, free time and income only to admit that there’s nothing better than being a mom and seeing the smiling faces of our precious children. We’ve posted pictures and chronicled milestones from first steps to high school graduations. We’ve debated and stringently defended our positions as “work away from home”/”stay at home”/bottlefeeding/breastfeeding/homeschooling/public or private schooling mothers. We’ve recorded our shortcomings, failings and disappointments. We’ve lauded our triumphs, successes and immense joys.

What else is there?

Maybe there isn’t anything new to reveal and maybe that’s not the point. While my rational brain can tell me that all mothers struggle on a daily basis with discipline, guilt, time management, finances and so on, there’s still something in me that breathes a sigh of relief when I come across a post that vocalizes exactly how I’m feeling that day. Though the sentiments and anecdotes may not be original or novel or even shockingly revealing, they express those moments and feelings that make us who we are.

I admit that I’m often envious of the success some have found in blogging about motherhood. I wonder why I even try to lend a voice amid the cacophony of blogs that produce posts about the same things that I go through every day. What makes their stories better than mine? What is so much more compelling about their experiences over mine? Probably nothing and that’s what I’m learning to appreciate. My voice, my blog, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, is still mine. It’s here that I record my shortcomings, failings and disappoints and where I laud my triumphs, successes and immense joys. If it simply helps me put into words moments and feelings so that I can move on from there, so be it. If it encourages and cheers another along the same path, that is all the better.



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It always blows my mind when we get to this point in the summer. It’s still July but school starts in, get this, 2 1/2 weeks! And this year, I have two children starting school! Of course, GMan is only going to preschool two days a week. A total of ten hours away from home. Ten. Glorious. Hours! Oops, I digressed…anyhoo, we’ve already started preparing for school.

We found some shirts for JBelle on sale at Target. She still needs some shorts/skorts/pants and I’ll probably wait to get her some cooler weather ware since it’ll be awhile before she actually needs it. We also needed a lunch box for GMan. I found the aisle with the lunch boxes, quickly breezed by the licensed character choices down to the end of the aisle where the choices are you know, red, blue, green or black. Well, GMan wouldn’t have anything to do with that. He looked over his shoulder, spotted another lunch box and said, “I want that one! The pirate one!”

“Are you sure? How about this blue one here?” Nope, he would not be dissuaded! So, the pirate one it was. I think we made a good choice, he’s so happy about it.

And terribly excited about going to school with it.

The first couple of days after purchasing it, he carried it around the house. He even got mad at me when I removed the crumpled up filler paper and the Rachael Ray magazine subscription postcard that were inside! Thankfully they were only in the recycling bin and were easily retrieved!

The next couple of weeks are going to be a whirlwind of activity. We’ll get in as much pool time as possible plus get around to going on those field trips that still haven’t happened! I’m thinking the Adventure Science Museum, maybe the Frist, JBelle will go to a cooking class, we’ll paint some pottery, play in the bicentennial park fountains (a yearly summer tradition), go to the Wave Pool. Oh, dear…I think we may have left too much to the end to do! Plus, my grand plans for Frozen Fridays never worked out as I had imagined. We still have not visited Las Paletas, Pied Piper or Bobby’s Dairy Dip! Hmmm….I think Frozen Fridays will have to continue through the end of August since it’s still technically summer.

A few things we have managed to do: JBelle & I saw the “Kit Kittredge” movie together, GMan and I saw “Wall-E” together, JBelle and DB went to an IRL race together, and of course, lots and lots of pool time!


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No Ordinary Friday Morning

It’s 10 am.

My children have not had breakfast.

They’ve watched some television but mostly they’ve played outside.

JBelle is riding her bike. (Which is a tremendous accomplishment!)

GMan is wearing last night’s pull-up and yesterday’s stained t-shirt. No shoes.

He’s been playing in the dirt. (No surprises there.)

And what did the GMan ask for when he came in, hungry and dirty and sweaty?


Excuse while I go check for signs of the Apocalypse.


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Girls Night Out

An opportunity to have a ‘Girls Night Out’ basically fell into my lap several day ago. DB and JBelle had plans to go to an IRL race this past Saturday night and I was trying to figure out what the GMan and I would do in their absence. I had already decided that I would take him to a movie (WALL-E). Then I got an e-mail from church about ‘Parents Night Out’ (a free* babysitting night sponsored by our Singles group) that was scheduled for Saturday night. We try to take advantage of these ‘Parents Night Out’ events as much as possible. First, because the kids really enjoy them and second because it supports this group in their missions efforts. (*It’s technically free babysitting but they set out a jar to take donations for their current missions projects.)

So, I signed the GMan up and e-mailed some girlfriends to see if any were available to join me for some ‘Girl Time’ on Saturday night. I got three takers: my sister, Jamie & Holly.  We met at Nero’s Grill in Green Hills for dinner & drinks.  I had wanted to go shopping/browsing at a new outdoor shopping venue in Green Hills after dinner but as we left the restaurant we noticed that the skies looked rather threatening so we decided instead to go to The Mall at Green Hills (TMaG for the locals). It was so very nice to just wander through shops and look at things without saying “Stop that!” and “No touching!” and “Put that down!” and “Get back here!”, etc, etc. I splurged on some new lip gloss and nail polish whose name is somewhat of an enigma and usually not uttered in polite company but if you’re curious you can go here to see it (the color I chose starts with an “O”!)

It started storming while we were in the mall which made us very glad that were inside and not stuck in a random store somewhere waiting the storm out! We got coffee and chatted some more then parted ways for the evening.

I had a great time and I hope everyone else did, too! It was some much needed “me” time (as you could probably tell from my last couple of posts!)


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The No Questions Zone

I often daydream of home improvements I’d like to make. Knock out a wall here, repaint there, tear out the carpet here, replace light fixtures there. You know, the usual stuff. But lately what I need the most in my home is what I have a dubbed, “The No Questions Zone”. From the time they get up in the morning to the time they go to bed at night, the other inhabitants of this house bombard me with questions. And sometimes, I just need a break from the The Great Inquisition! I need somewhere where I can go where no one is allowed to ask me a question or even make a request.

Now, you may be thinking, just go into a bathroom or even your bedroom! Surely, there is peace and quiet and privacy in those places? Sadly, that is not the case. I get followed into the bathroom. Closed doors only mean that they must be opened. If by chance, the closed door is not penetrated, they have been known to stand on the other side of the door incessantly knocking, and talking, and…asking questions.

I imagine a little corner nook with a comfy chair where I can prop my feet up. It has a small table where I can set my coffee, a vase of everlasting flowers, a stack of good books, and it never gets cluttered or needs to be dusted. Best of all, the moment one the other inhabitants of the house comes within 5 feet, the are rebuffed by an invisible force field. They open their mouths to ask a question and find they’ve been temporarily rendered mute. They can only watch in awe as my brain decompresses, my jawline unclenches, my shoulders relax and I slowly transform back into a human being again leaving the walking ATM of dispensed answers and replies behind.

Please let me know if you find one at your local home improvement supercenter. I’ll drop everything I’m doing to come and get it. No questions asked.


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Redundant Department of Redundancy

 And we think we have problems with schools here in Nashville….

California use to have the best schools in the world, now they are all “jointly unified”….whatever that means.


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A Rather Belated Apology

Dear Mom & Dad,

Remember when I used to pick fights with my sister and say things to her in that “know-it-all” manner because I was eight years old and “knew it all”? Remember when I was deliberately ugly to her but feigned innocence because surely it wasn’t my fault, it had to be hers? Remember when we used to bicker and fight all. the. live. long. day?

Well, I’m here to say I’m sorry. Truly, contritely sorry. I apologize for all the angst I caused. I have seen the error of my ways even it is 26 years too late. I’m sorry for making you feel like pulling your hair out and wishing that I’ve never learned to talk. I’m sorry for making endless summer days feel that much longer. And I’m really, really sorry I ever talked back to you.

Now, could you please, pretty please with sugar on top lift the “I hope you have one just like you!” curse?

Gratefully and forever apologetically yours,



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