Week In Review

At the beginning of the week it occurred to me that I could try and squeeze four weeks worth of summer activities into two weeks. Well…that’s not exactly working out the way I’d thought it would! No worries though, we’re still having tremendous fun. That is when we’re healthy…

Monday evening, after a day of swimming and errands, GMan came down with a nasty stomach bug. He was still ill on Tuesday (which, you may remember, was our wedding anniversary), so we ended up staying in all day. Thankfully, he perked up later in the day. Also thankfully, the rest of us did not get it!

Wednesday, JBelle, had an appointment with our hair stylist, “Miss” Holly. She’s been wanting (since seeing a certain movie this summer about a spunky little girl who sports a spunky little haircut) to change her hairstyle, so off we went.



Almost Done:

And After:

She looks really different! And she’s very happy with her “new do”!

Yesterday we headed to the Adventure Science Museum. It was a first for all of us. It was fun, a bit cheesy and disturbingly “germy” but we’ll go back (since certain grandparents bought an annual pass!) We didn’t do any of the extra stuff like the planetarium or IMAX. I think I’d like to take JBelle by herself sometime. In trying to keep up with GMan and keep him entertained and not waiting on his sister all the time, we got separated from JBelle…twice! The second even included my name being called over the intercom to come to the front desk. Good times.

Fun plans are in place for the weekend, some especially fun plans for JBelle! More on that later. Now it’s (past) time to get ready for the pool and other Friday adventures.

Have a great weekend!



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3 responses to “Week In Review

  1. Love her new “do!” She’s ready for school. 🙂

    Have you been downtown to the marionette show? We did that last Friday when it was raining.

    p.s. sorry about the stomach bug…those truly are the worse

  2. I love her new haircut!
    I wish the ASM would stamp hands or something. I do not like the lack of security at the front door. As you said, with that big climbing thing going up three stories, it is very hard to keep everyone together.

  3. We went to a children’s museum in Lynchburg that had a big climbing area that spanned several stories. It was scary to think about how easily kids could get separated from the rest of their families. I wasn’t too keen on having to climb through it, but with the 3 kids, we figured we’d better!

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