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Week in Review

We had a little more success this week wrapping up those loose ends of summer activities before school starts. (on Monday – Eek!) The theme of the week turned out to be: Water. Four of the five week days were spent at some kind of pool. Monday was the YMCA, Tuesday was the neighborhood pool of a friend, Wednesday was Wave Country and today we’ll be back at the YMCA.

Yesterday I took the kids to paint pottery at my favorite pottery painting place. Then we headed to Macy’s for some last minute back-to-school clothes shopping. (Hmmm Malia, procrastinate much?) We were very fortunate that not only did Macy’s still have a decent selection of “Standard School Attire” worthy clothing but it was also on sale for 40% off! Then when we were checking out, our cashier scanned a coupon that was featured in a newspaper circular and we got another 15% off! Love that!

Our Frozen Friday treat last week was Las Paletas! I’ve been wanting to get to that place all summer and finally it worked out! If you ever come to Nashville to visit, remind me to take you to Las Paletas. They have the yummiest popsicles on the planet! JBelle picked out the Raspberry Lime (which she said was sour but she liked it because what 8 year old kid doesn’t like sour treats?), GMan chose plain ole Strawberry, I picked out a creamy Strawberry Chocolate Chip (So good!) and I got Las Paletas’ signature paletas, the Hot Chocolate for DB. Hot Chocolate is a creamy chocolate made with hot peppers! And it’s surprisingly good if you like spicy foods.

I started seeing a chiropractor last week and had a couple more visits with him this week. I really like him, he’s a good doctor. Many thanks to Laura for referring him to me! I feel like I’m on the road to recovery.

GMan received his “Snoopy Letter” in the mail yesterday. That’s the letter that tells us when “Snoopy Day” is and most importantly, who is teacher will be! (Snoopy Day is the day the kids get to go and “snoop” around their classroom, meet their teacher and classmates while Mom & Dad sit in a meeting with the preschool Director!) We were most pleased to see that he got the teacher we hoped he would get! Miss “A” is a good friend of mine, the mother of one of JBelle’s good friends and a really amazing preschool teacher! Yay!

I’ve updated my “10 things I’ve learned from children” post to include pictures that inspired #10. Go take a look.

We’ve got some good stuff in store for the weekend as well! Happy Friday to everyone and have a great weekend!

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