First Day of 3rd Grade

Here’s our traditional front porch picture for first day of school. We’re very excited about third grade! JBelle has the same teacher this year that she had last year (called “looping”). We’re quite pleased with that. The class is in a different room though. This is a good thing because their classroom last year was on the Kindergarten hall (long story). This year they are in the third grade wing close to and next to other third grade classes. From looking at the class roster it looks like about 60% of last year’s students have returned to this teacher’s class. A few chose to have a different teacher and a couple others have gone to different schools.

We have a third grader!


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5 responses to “First Day of 3rd Grade

  1. Why are everyone’s first day of school pictures/stories making me weepy? Not sure how I will handle it when it’s my own kid.

    Happy first day of 3rd grade, J!

  2. It is so hard for me to believer our girls are in 3rd grade. I swear they just started kindergarten just a few months ago. It all goes by too fast.

    Your 3rd grader looks like a 5th grader. 🙂

    And I am not talking about the pictures. I am just amazed at how tall she is now. She is almost as tall as Anita.

    I saw you and DB ahead of us in the hallway, but missed saying hello afterward. Had to get to work.

  3. Great scot, your girl is growing up.

    Other people’s kids make me feel old. ;-p

  4. What a sweetheart. She’ll be a joy to her 9th grade English teacher, I’m sure :).

  5. Sheryl

    she looks so thrilled! she’s such a cutie-patutie!
    my, how they grow up so quick!

    how did she like her first day?
    how did you do with her first day??


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