Week in Review/Weekend Recap

My head is reeling from the realization that we are already halfway through August! Last week was a bit of craziness. First week back at school. GMan’s Snoopy Day. I managed to make two non-swimming pool trips to the Y. More chiropractor appointments. (I’m really feeling improvement. Yay!) I attended a parent meeting for the Nashville Children’s Choir which JBelle is participating in this year and I scheduled a parent meeting for the Brownie troop. Got to see/hear Shaun Groves perform at our church Wednesday evening. That was cool.

DB attended a practice/coaching retreat with the Music City Chorus on Friday evening through Saturday afternoon. Saturday I took the kids to a park in the Hillsboro Village area and met up with Shauna & Pea. (Also saw a friend from church & her kids.) We stayed a couple hours or so, had a picnic lunch and played and played.

On the way home we stopped at Las Paletas and happened upon CeeElCee and his significant other! I love serendipitous meetings like that.

Today we said goodbye to our nieces who are going off to college. One will be here in Nashville but you know, she’s still “going off” to college, the other heads East for her college adventure. We’re going to miss them!

Haven’t watched as much of the Olympics as I’d like but what I’ve seen has been amazing! There’s this dude named Michael Phelps, you may have heard of him – he’s won 8 gold medals! Wow. Incredible! Of course what do I do while watching the Olympics? Eat ice cream. Homemade peanut butter cup ice cream to be specific. It was good. Emphasis on was…’cause it’s gone!

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  1. Great pics. I always love what you share.

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