The current bane of my existence is our dining room. It functions as the hub of family activity. We eat, do homework, get on the computer, teach and play in that room. And for months now it has been a complete and utter mess. Every flat surface, such as the table, my desk, the bookshelf and the buffet are covered in piles and cluttered with odds and ends. Corners are stuffed with boxes and bags, assorted and sundry toys, clothing, shoes and the occasional hair brush or lost sock. Every time I manage to clear off the table, it’s covered again within 24 hours. Same with my desk.

And it’s driving me crazy! I must get that room cleaned up. Problem is, I don’t know what to do with most of the stuff that’s in there. Quite a bit of it is there because it has no other place to go. Some of it is waiting on a new home, like our upcoming consignment sale or Goodwill. And then there are the piles of papers. I keep trying to go through them, file things away and recycle stuff that I don’t need anymore but I still have so many piles!

I don’t know if this is a plea for help or encouragement or advice. I just know something needs to be done about that room before completely lose my mind.


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11 responses to “Cluttered

  1. I have the same predicament with my bedroom. My desk is covered with items that have no place on a desk. My floor is riddled with stuff I have yet to use or even worse, things I have never seen before. But some how I find a way to “organize” this pig sty of a room even if it takes many tries.

    Hang in there. lol

  2. I feel your pain! I had 2 rooms and a closet like that. What did I do? CLEANED IT OUT! I made 3 piles…one to keep, one to trash and one to give away. I have a ford expedition and it is LOADED from the backseat to the tailgate from floor to ceiling with CRAP I am taking to 1) the used bookstore (might as well see what someone will pay me for my crap) and 2)Salvation Army/Western Fairfax Christian Ministries for giveaway.

    Chelsea helped me decided whether or not we “needed” the stuff or not. The keep pile was very small and much more manageable.

    Go buy a fililng cabinet and some rubbermaid containers and have a ball! If I lived near you, I would come over and help!

    Oh yeah and by the way, every flat surface in our house gets covered in piles too…it is hte nature of the beast. I have to work real hard at reminding my kiddos and hubby that there are places for things and they are not on the dining room table! 🙂

  3. oh yeah, if you care to do this…i also made a spreadsheet of the giveaway stuff cause on turbo tax, you can get specific and they give you a money value for your stuff! 🙂

  4. my advice: just throw it all out!!!! easy, fun, and liberating. what more could you want?

  5. I have found that most stuff I think I “need” is truly just junk, like the 40 plus (no I am not kidding) home decorating magazines I had in a basket collecting dust for the day we build our dream home! 😉

    I find that I am constantly battling clutter. Our hot spot that drives me nuts is our breakfast bar. As I type there are old vintage Barbies in the corner, paperwork, a laptop my husband brought home, a scrapbook, more paperwork, the list could go on!

    A few things help me out. I am constantly filling a bag to bring to a co-worker with clothes the girls have outgrown (he has two little girls…a baby and a 2-year-old) and I also always have a “take to Goodwill” bag I keep in my car. Of course then my car looks like crapola.

    Sigh… I feel your pain.

    I have also marked my calendar for that sale. I may do that Thursday at lunch!

  6. Needless clutter of supposedly needed things is the bane of our existence as well. I have this fantasy of a minimalist home designed in a feng shui way. A dog, two kids, and another on the way likely mean that a fantasy it will remain.

    Good luck with your clutter and your consignment sale. Getting rid of stuff is always both a cleaning and a cleansing experience for me.

  7. chortlehoort

    My dining room table, roll top desk, and island in the kitchen are clutter central. (They are all in my kitchen.) It drives me nuts but I’m not sure where I would put it all if I tried to put it all away. And I would probably never find any of it again.

    Good luck.

  8. Malia

    Well it seems clutter really hits home, literally, with several of us!

    Thanks for all the advice & encouragement. I’m thinking Saturday I’ll be hogging the line at the Goodwill drop off center!

  9. Glad to hear I’m not the only one… : )

  10. My hubby gets really frustrated by all my catch-all piles. I’m definitely a piler!! A lot of it is mail or papers that I need to do something with — just not quite yet. Or, like you, I don’t really have a place for them. My biggest problem was papers from school that I needed to answer or hold on to for a future field trip or event or something, or magazines that I wanted to read but didn’t have time for. This year I decided to make up a few file folders with the kids’ names on them. They are in my cookbook cabinet in the kitchen (which is the room where the stuff usually piled up). Now I know I can look through the folders for the information I need about upcoming events. I am trying to do something new with magazines too — they get looked at right away or I give them away!

    (By the way, when we have company coming and there’s a big pile of stuff on the kitchen counter, I usually toss it into a hall closet. Guess what my next major project is!!!)

    Good luck!! 🙂

  11. Chris

    Junk mail goes in the garbage before I come back into the house from the mailbox. If it’s a bill it goes in a special holder for bills. We don’t take but a couple of magazines and they go to the recycle bin within a week.

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