Daily Archives: August 25, 2008

Made My Bed, Please Don’t Lie In It

So, how many of you out there are bedmakers? Do you make your bed everyday? Occasionally? Only when company’s coming over?

Are you particular about how your bed is made? Do sheets and bedspreads and pillows need to be tucked and placed just so?

If you’re married, do you share the bedmaking responsibility with your spouse? Do you make the bed solo or does someone help?

Forgive me if I sound nosy…I’m just curious.

In our house:

I make the bed. I make it most weekdays, usually not on the weekends. I am extremely particular about how the bed is made and I do not want any help making it. In fact, as the GMan has learned, you can not even be in the room while I make the bed. If you need to converse with me while I obsess make the bed, please stand in the doorway, out of my way!


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