Made My Bed, Please Don’t Lie In It

So, how many of you out there are bedmakers? Do you make your bed everyday? Occasionally? Only when company’s coming over?

Are you particular about how your bed is made? Do sheets and bedspreads and pillows need to be tucked and placed just so?

If you’re married, do you share the bedmaking responsibility with your spouse? Do you make the bed solo or does someone help?

Forgive me if I sound nosy…I’m just curious.

In our house:

I make the bed. I make it most weekdays, usually not on the weekends. I am extremely particular about how the bed is made and I do not want any help making it. In fact, as the GMan has learned, you can not even be in the room while I make the bed. If you need to converse with me while I obsess make the bed, please stand in the doorway, out of my way!


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23 responses to “Made My Bed, Please Don’t Lie In It

  1. holly

    Okay. I have a certain way it must be made when clean sheets are first put on.

    Then…I cannot make it again after it’s been slept in. I’ve got some sort of phobia of trapping in any kind of…whatever…that may have accumulated through my sleeping in it. The covers must be left laid open.

    Talk about obsessive.

  2. Malia

    I think the word you’re looking for is delusional.

  3. I haven’t made a bed in years.

  4. I rarely make my bed. But, the best is crawling into clean sheets — my favorite day is when my cleaning lady washes the sheets and makes up my bed. She is the splurge that makes me smile! And I get to have that nice feeling right now!!!

  5. I don’t make the bed that often, but I love it when I do. The room looks better and I love crawling into a bed thats made.

    When I do make it, I am very picky about it maybe that it why it takes so long and I don’t so it very often.

  6. I love to get in a bed at night that’s been made. So I usually make it. Dan will make it if I ask him to, like if he was the last one out. I’m not too particular about how it’s made, though. I don’t have a lot of extras on the bed, just the sheets, pillows and one blanket (for summer-time). The only thing I am particular about it is Derek – he’s not allowed anywhere near the bed after I’ve made it. He LOVES to get into a freshly made bed and mess it all up!

  7. I make mine everyday. I, like Lisa, think a bed that has been made feels better when I crawl into it. It also looks better made… not that I get to spend a lot of time looking at it after it’s made. And if I did have more time to do that, I probably wouldn’t. I mean, who just stands there all day and looks at their made-bed? Nobody. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. Then why do I make my bed everyday? Obsession. Pure, vain obsession. Does that make it ok? Probably not. Will that stop me from making it tomorrow? Doubtful. I must.
    I must and I will.

  8. I like a nicely made bed, but I don’t like to make it very much. Our bed gets made when one of us thinks of it, but that’s only a few times a week, at most.

  9. Megan

    We never make our bed unless the Orkin man is coming to spray (he treats every room for brown recluse spiders) or company will be coming over and we think they might need to go upstairs.

    I find a bed full of rumpled sheets way more inviting than a crisp, made-up bed.

  10. We will make the bed when company is coming over and we think they will need to come up to our room and whenever we change the sheets of course. Usually the wife does it (she comes from a military family so it has to be a certain way) but I have been known to do it (as long as I do it the Army way! lol).

  11. My husband likes for the bed to be made everyday, so I make an effort to do so to keep him happy. I really don’t care that much unless we are having company over or the house is on the market or something! How well I make it depends on my mood, how busy I am….sometimes made means the sheet and blanket are pulled up and smoothed out and sometimes made up means the comforter and shams and everything are neatly arranged. I love to have someone else make my bed!

  12. Sheryl

    I would have to admit, I do not make my bed – I barely have enough time to get ready in the morning… and now with a little one… it’s even harder. I do however, pull up the sheets abit if that counts. It’s not always straight, and the sheets are usually hanging off the side but it works for us.

  13. Tanya

    I LOVE when my bed is made and usually make it every morning unless it is a hectic/rushed morning. I’m even starting to make the kids’ beds, too 🙂 I think a made bed makes a room look nice and clean and organized (even if there are messes around!). The one thing that frustrates me the most is when my children belly flop on my bed after I just made it – Errrrr!!

  14. thanks for stopping by the lylahblog! glad u “liked” the lylah-isms on marriage!

    very, very cute place ya got here!


  15. Malia

    Wow! Who knew bedmaking could be such a popular topic?

    I agree with Theresa, Lisa & Emily regarding getting into a bed that’s been made. I like that my sheets and blankets are all neat and not jumbled up. That’s one motivation for me to get it made.

    And I agree with Jenni about the feel of clean sheets. My favorite nights sleep are the nights when I’ve put freshly laundered sheets on the bed.

    Theresa & Tanya – yes, the room does look much better, even if there’s other clutter in the room, if the bed is made. That’s my #1 motivation for making the bed.

    Lisa – Derek & GMan are sooooo alike (I know we’ve said this before, but yeah…)

    Sorry Megan, you seem to be the odd one out with your penchant for rumpled sheets! 😉

    Emily and I are kindred souls (must be in our genes) in the obsessive/compulsive department!

    I don’t care that no one else sees my after it’s been made. I make it for me. I really like going into my bedroom after a long day to get ready for bed and seeing it all made and pretty. It’s soothing. It’s the one thing in my house that I can “clean up” that doesn’t immediately get messed up again.

  16. I’ll admit it – the only time our bed gets made is laundry day. (If company is coming, I just close the door.) I don’t see the point in making the bed and I think my refusal to do it goes back to my mother forcing me to do it daily as a kid. I’m still rebelling.

  17. I was thinking it was funny how many responses you got about bed-making too. 🙂

  18. I don’t think I know how to make the bed… My husband is always in it when I leave. I doubt if I’d make it, though.

  19. Rob doesn’t know how to do hospital corners. But it’s never a problem to keep him away if I’m making the bed. I like it done, but it is sporadic. Occasionally daily, occasionally for company – or we just close the door! Great example, I know.

  20. Josephine

    I mean, what’s really the point of making a bed if your just gonna lie right back in it??

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  22. I don’t make the bed every day *usually* although I do go through spurts where I get up the motivation to do so – and when I do, it’s just me (as hubby leaves for work at 5:30 am and lets me sleep in). I’m not that particular when I make it, and will happily let my husband make it.

    However…when we put sheets on, that’s a different story. I’m very particular. Hubby will help me put them on, but I don’t like for him to do it himself because he doesn’t seem to understand that sheets need to be SMOOTH and the fitted sheet should not be put on “inside out” with the seems showing in the Anyway, that’s the only time I’m particular about the bed.

  23. I make the bed every day as a matter of atonement. It soothes the conscience when I get up an hour later than my wife.

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