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Same Song, Umpteenth Verse

I don’t like that I only posted once last week. Granted, it was a pretty good post. Unexpectedly good. I never thought bed making could be such a hot topic! It was kind of intimidating, too. I mean, how do I follow that? What could I possibly say now?

And I keep having the same issues with balancing my Internet time, writing time and homemaking time. Something always gets pushed aside and neglected. Writing was sorely neglected this past week. And I really need to be spending more time writing because I have that MarriageHacks gig I mentioned before. Actually, that’s turned into an “editor” position for the site. I’m excited about it and nervous, too. I still need to be writing but I’m also responsible for overseeing the site and the contributors.

But I don’t want my personal writing to suffer. I hear, though, that that is what generally happens.

Priorities, right? I have them, I just need to make sure I keep them straight.

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