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Back to the Bedroom

Well after the unexpected response to the bedmaking post, I’m once again intrigued and curious. Let’s talk dirty, ok? No, not that! Get your minds outta the gutter! I want to know how well kept your bedroom is.

Do you keep it cleaned up or is it a mess?

Is your bedroom just your bedroom or does it also serve as a catch all for extra items like treadmills, laundry piles, books, spare auto parts, etc?

Is your bedroom decorated in a particular style or is it an eclectic mish mash?

Do you like your bedroom?

Our bedroom underwent a makeover a couple years ago at which time I vowed (to myself) to keep it clean and clutter free. Um…yeah…well. Currently there is a thick layer of dust on most of the furniture and the dust bunnies underneath the bed are not only breeding but they’re holding they’re own election here a few weeks to see who stays and who goes! We have done a decent job of keeping the clutter at bay in the room (just don’t look in the closet!). Though through the past year and half while DB has worked from home, “important” work items have found there way into the room.  The bedroom is decorated but I don’t know what to call the style. The furniture is European Revival, some of the decor is shabby chic and the rest is just what we thought would look good in the room. It’s Eclectic Chic Revival? The one thing that is missing are curtains. I have curtain rods but no curtains. I hope to rectify that situation early next year. I do like our bedroom though I would prefer it to be a tad bit bigger and I’d love a bigger closet.

Your turn!


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What do Sarah Palin and Hamas have in common?

There is a point in a human life when one normally breaks away from one’s parents.  One is then a whole and complete person responsible for one’s own thoughts and actions no matter what one’s parents had in mind when they raised you.  I know some parents that have been completely rejected by their children.  They have been told explicitly that everything they taught their child and raised their child to believe and be was outright rejected by the child and the child hated the parents for ever trying to teach them their belief system.

In the same way, there are two examples of completely different and, I dare say, unwanted consequences in the fruits of two movements: democracy and feminism.  Hamas was elected democratically by a sweeping majority in 2006.  The election shocked the U.S. government who immediately rejected the results since Hamas was still considered a terrorist organization.  The free people of Palestine used their vote to choose Hamas.  The promotion of the democratic ideal by the U.S. government didn’t have the exact desired results.  That is rather simplistic but it illustrates the next point.

Sarah Palin is the product of the feminist movement whether the current feminist movement wants to accept her or that fact.  The same movement that gave women the right to vote, the right to obtain a bank account or credit card without a husband’s signature, the right to hold elected office, to be the CEO of Pepsi, and the right be to be a whole and complete individual in their own right also produced Sarah Palin, the “anti-woman” female candidate and potential first female Vice President of the U.S.A.

It is interesting to watch a movement that has worked so hard for so long for the advocacy of this very thing to occur and yet it is not at all right in their eyes.  It is possible that the election of Sarah Palin as VP would be both the greatest achievement and greatest setback to the feminist movement in the U.S.A..  While I am sure that most feminists that are appalled at the presence of Sarah Palin on the Republican ticket are already voting for Obama, I wonder if there will be any* that will vote against McCain only because Palin is the simply the wrong kind of woman.

*PUMAs perhaps


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