Back to the Bedroom

Well after the unexpected response to the bedmaking post, I’m once again intrigued and curious. Let’s talk dirty, ok? No, not that! Get your minds outta the gutter! I want to know how well kept your bedroom is.

Do you keep it cleaned up or is it a mess?

Is your bedroom just your bedroom or does it also serve as a catch all for extra items like treadmills, laundry piles, books, spare auto parts, etc?

Is your bedroom decorated in a particular style or is it an eclectic mish mash?

Do you like your bedroom?

Our bedroom underwent a makeover a couple years ago at which time I vowed (to myself) to keep it clean and clutter free. Um…yeah…well. Currently there is a thick layer of dust on most of the furniture and the dust bunnies underneath the bed are not only breeding but they’re holding they’re own election here a few weeks to see who stays and who goes! We have done a decent job of keeping the clutter at bay in the room (just don’t look in the closet!). Though through the past year and half while DB has worked from home, “important” work items have found there way into the room.  The bedroom is decorated but I don’t know what to call the style. The furniture is European Revival, some of the decor is shabby chic and the rest is just what we thought would look good in the room. It’s Eclectic Chic Revival? The one thing that is missing are curtains. I have curtain rods but no curtains. I hope to rectify that situation early next year. I do like our bedroom though I would prefer it to be a tad bit bigger and I’d love a bigger closet.

Your turn!


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7 responses to “Back to the Bedroom

  1. It is the last room to get decorated and/or cleaned. I have a stack of prints to hang on the wall but they are still leaning up against the wall. Our bedding is a mish mash – an old quilt that I love and a light blanket for hubby (we don’t share covers because someone is a cover hog…might be me but who is to say?). I wouldn’t say it is a catch all but it isn’t exactly neat and tidy. I think if I ever finish unpacking all of my clothes from the move (I was pregnant and couldn’t wear them and still can’t 6 weeks post partum so they keep falling further down the to do list) then we will have more room in the closet and the room might be somewhere near neat.

  2. Well, you probably already know all about my bedroom since I posted about it. Over the summer we decided to do some painting. We painted the ceiling in our den that had some water stains. And we decided to do a bedroom. It was wishful thinking at best when I said, “I’d love to do our room!” And my hubby decided to grant my wish! I love our room right now. The color in there is awesome. It’s not real sophisticated decorating, but I like that all the furniture matches, & we have artfully arranged photographs and mismatched candle stick holders with colorful candles, as our decorations. The only things we lack are rug(s), curtains, and bedding. Right now on the bed all we have is a white blanket. All of our comforters & quilts no longer matched our room when we decorated. And since we’ve decorated, I’ve made a much bigger effort to keep clutter out of there — if for no other reason than that I like to brag about our room & have guests take a peak when they’re over!

  3. First of all, I LOVE love your bedroom furniture! Lovely.

    Here is a picture of our bedroom, although it’s not the best photo…took it of our new lovely mattress (yeah I was that excited about it…ha ha.) So…the bed is not made…

    Just envision a taupey/light tan comforter.

    I love our wall color, which is a pale sage green. I love our curtains (sheer white ones I bought from I love our iron bed. I don’t love that we have too much furniture crammed into the space and we also have zero closet space, hence my husband’s clothes are in Miss C’s actual closet! I also don’t love our lamps (I love yours.) I do like the prints on either side of the bed…found those at TJ Maxx several years ago.

    I am trying to keep our room decluttered but hubby unfortunately has a lovely habit of cleaning out his pockets and dumping the contents on to the top of his dresser. 😉

  4. Darn! OK I think I left a long comment…I don’t want to repeat it but…I’ll try. 😉

    I love LOVE your bedroom furniture.

    Here’s a photo of our bedroom. I actually took this of our new mattress (yes I was that excited about it!) The bed is not made up, so envision a taupey/tan comforter. Really neutral.

    I love our wall color, which is a light sage green. I love our iron bed and the prints on either side (from TJ Maxx.) I don’t love our lack of closet space or the fact that we really have too much furniture in there, including an old Lane cedar chest.

    I try to keep it decluttered although hubby’s dresser is never clean. 😉

  5. Petra

    Our bedroom is always the last to be decorated or to buy furniture for. It’s an eclectic mix of boring. Currently, we have an enormous bedroom so the office/scrapbooking area is in the master bedroom. That stuff pretty much stays on it’s side of the room though. I go through stages of keeping it neat and tidy to it being a complete catch-all for all the junk that doesn’t have a home. Right now? Well, until yesterday when the hubster couldn’t take it anymore and spent some time cleaning it – it was a wreck! But I have had to rest b/c of the pregnancy – so that’s my excuse. It is low on my list of priorities. Since no one really sees it. Oh, and I didn’t respond to the bedmaking – I use to be fanatical and couldn’t go a DAY without making it perfectly with throw pillows etc. Now, I only make it if I have extra time (ha!) or if company will be seeing it. I PREFER it to be made with clean sheets though. If I had a maid – her list would include to put clean sheets on my bed every day. 🙂

  6. I refer to our bedroom as the last frontier. As in, if I have time, after every other room in the house is straightened up, I will tackle the bedroom. Or I may take a nap. We have double doors on our bedroom, and I take great joy in closing them before company comes. It’s a great place to stash the clutter that doesn’t have a rightful home. I realize this goes against all the sage marital advice about the bedroom being your haven. Which is a great concept, but rarely seems to be my reality.

  7. Malia

    Your comments went into the spam filter. Sorry!

    Our bedroom has too much furniture in it for the space we have, as well. DB’s dresser is actually located in our living room!

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