Back to Mom

Now that the GMan is in preschool two days a week, I have 10 glorious, kid-free hours a week to do whatever my little heart desires. Well, for the most part. But still, opportunities for childless lunch dates, grocery store excursions, window shopping and even mundane things like housework are within my bounds. Yes, preschool has to be one of my most favorite words!

The only thing I ever truly aspired to was being a wife and mother. Yes, I have other dreams and aspirations as well but that was always primary. Once I got what I wanted though…I was a bit surprised to find out that it wasn’t all roses and perpetually smiling babies like on the magazine covers! I struggled quite a bit, when my daughter was a baby and toddler, with finding time for myself and not losing sight of who I was. When she was two years old, we put her in preschool (same one GMan is at). And I…I got some of me back. 

While my calendar doesn’t show any exciting appointments or indulgent escapades, I can assure that exciting and indulgent moments have occurred. Things like that Pumpkin Spice Latte last week or the impromptu lunch with some girlfriends today after Ladies Bible Study. They recharge me and relax me and help me find perspective. That way, when it’s time to pick-up my little not-so-little guy anymore, I’m back to me. But more importantly for him, I’m back to Mom.


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3 responses to “Back to Mom

  1. I never aspired to be a wife or mother…until I found my incredible husband 5 years ago. Now I find myself living in a strange state with the man of my dreams and 2 very small children – and loving it most days. But I do hold out hope for some day feeling more like the me I remember so thanks for the encouragement that I may not have to wait for kindergarten!

  2. I love having time to get things done without the kids around. It may be focusing on me or doing housework, but I always feel refreshed and less stressed so that I can be a better Mom when they are around.

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